Liam – Moto Jacket (8.14.12)

Look: Liam - Moto Jacket (8.14.12)
Liam looks pretty happy doesn’t he? After a night at the club and waking up to go for a ride on the back of Steffy’s bike to Venice beach… he looks pretty fresh and veeeery happy. He’s also looking kind of cool don’t you think in this zip up motocross style jacket? A nice departure from the leather he usually wears. Here are some similar versions to get the look:

Bill – Gray Suit (Monte Carlo, June 2012)

Don Diamont has been looking right at home in Monte Carlo hasn’t he? I could totally see him at the poker tables with a cigar in hand at the Monte Carlo Casino. It is nice to see him in suits too for a change, because the man sure can wear them. He hasn’t been wearing your run of the mill either; he has been photographed in all white, and now over-sized plaid. Yeelllo.

Bill – Shoulder Detail Shirt (5.31.12)

Bill’s last ditch effort pleading to Liam before the witching hour. And Deacon-gate is looming around the corner too… Oh Bill. Gotta give the man credit for making things happen. And looking good doing it pretty much all the time. I’d be okay with the shirtless meditation scenes again but if he’s going to wear a shirt, it may as well be a Bogosse shirt. This time he’s wearing a blue Bogosse shirt, and if you caught a peek on the back of the shoulders, the same pattern in cuff and collar is used on the seam. What beautiful detail. You can find the Real Deal at this Bogosse website: check out their spring/ summer collection. Gorgeous.

Bill – Purple Contrast Shirt (4.27.12)

Bill the power meddler. He likes things his way and he gets things his way. He’s stirring up an Aspen doozy right now with Hope/Liam/Steffy. But he’s looking mighty fine while he’s doing it! Bill definitely has a style you can count of. There’s a 99% chance you will see him wearing a shirt by the Tardieu brother’s design team of Boggose, based in Miami, FL. Bogosse means handsome; we agree. Bill’s shirt in this episode reflects the unique detailing you will find in all Bogosse designs: magenta contrast stitching, buttoned back collar, patterned inset collar…and the uber cool leather tabs at the cuffs. Bill’s purple shirt does not still appear to be available, but you can shop on the Bogosse site direct for the same style (below) and another similar version from Nordstrom.

Rick – Quilted Jacket (4.3)

It must be chilly in LA because everyone seems to be putting on sweaters and jackets. Well Mom and son are having a nice little chat in the outdoor Forrester cafe, arguing about Amber. Rick isn’t winning, but he’s looking trendy in this quilted jacket. This is an infamous Burberry look (who in fact has a cool men’s version of this jacket), but this one is by J Crew. If you want to update your guys outer-wear options, then this is a consideration. My guy would say ‘no way’ though, I don’t even have to ask.

Liam – Black Cardigan (3.8)

No matter what your feelings are about Liam (I’m a fan), he totally deserves points today with how he handled ‘it’s not the end game’ conversation with Hope. He also deserves points for the simple crisp white shirt with the black cardigan he wore over it. He looks very handsome, and I like the departure from the leather jacket/ shirt look. Apart from button front, fitted structure and deep V it’s a bit tough to distinguish style details to be certain of the Real Deal, so here are some versions to consider. I think the All Saints one is the most stylish, but they are all nice styles:

Marcus – Green & Navy Sweater (Feb 9)

This photo doesn’t do Marcus or the sweater justice. Marcus is a hottie, and this looks like he is wearing a slim fit cashmere sweater. It looks very much like a Zegna or Loro Piana sweater, some of the best cashmere out there. The navy and green certainly has some nautical RL, Hilfiger feel to it. The actual color is more vibrant on TV and looks so gorgeous on his skin. There are a few options out there to consider:

Liam – Purple Shirt (Feb 7)

It takes a real man to wear summer shades, and Liam is certainly in the man up mode picking the woman he really wants to be with (whether we like it or not). Although this is a spring/summer color, the shade is dark enough to be all-season, especially for the LA climate.

I love it when guys wear more feminine colors like this. It is so much more chick appealing than what his Dollar Bill Spencer dad wears, with the never ending black, ugly cuff shirts. This purple shirt has a nice slim fit,with two front pockets with detail pleating within. Thumbs up for Liam with this shirt.

No more purple with this John Varvatos shirt, but if you like the style, here you go: