Hope – Lace Print Dress (9.17.12)

Look: Hope - Lace Print Dress (9.17.12)
Whenever I am asked to do an ad-hoc photo-shoot, I am ready to go 0% of the time. I’m usually wearing yoga clothes and with my hair in a ponytail. Actually I’m never asked to do an ad-hoc photo-shoot. But Hope is asked A LOT, and she is ready to go 100% of the time. I like how this kind of antique looking lace print dress is worn with the antique pearl strands. Here is The Real Deal and a less expensive version to get the look

4 thoughts on “Hope – Lace Print Dress (9.17.12)

  1. hi can you post the information on the necklaces hope is wearing in this picture, the antique pearl ones. episode 9-17-12. thanks

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