SoapsStyle on Hiatus

First of all I am so very sorry I have been MIA these past weeks. I have been very touched by your concern and kind words, thank you.

I am perfectly healthy, in fact probably the best I have felt in 4 years. A lot of you may not know that I started SoapsStyle a couple of years ago, when I was sentenced to my couch with a rare paralyzing disorder which re-aquainted me with both the Bold and the Beautiful and with fashion.

I started this website initially so I could find clothes to buy that the actors were wearing on the episodes, and much to my surprise, so were all of you. I developed a loyal, smart, kind, funny and supportive reader base and you all kept me looking for those clothes day after day!

Time went on and I am happy to report my health slowly improved, near to normal, well, I will never be ‘normal’ but I wasn’t normal even before I got sick! In any event, my rare disease and my blog, B&B and YOU have given me a new perspective on life. I retired from my corporate job, and have been working on opening a fashion boutique in home city here in Madison, WI.

As much as I have loved writing SoapsStyle, I do have to generate a living, and unfortunately SoapsStyle was entirely a labor of love, that was nearly a full time job. I am sorry to disappoint you all, I know you all look forward to seeing where to find the fashions. I was hoping to be able to do both but there are just not enough hours in the day!

I have decided to put SoapsStyle on hold. I am going to get iona boutique up and running and see how things are going, and revisit SoapsStyle probably in the new year. We’ll see what’s happening with Hope/Steffy/Liam then too…

If you are interested in seeing what is going on with the boutique, (we have a lot of B&B inspired clothing brands ,shocker!), you can follow us on:

Twitter: madison_iona

Instagram: @ionamadison

Facebook: ionamadison

I would love for you to follow my journey. We are keeping it a brick & mortar boutique for the time being, but may have an online store in the future. We will ship though!

I can’t thank you enough for all of your support for SoapsStyle, and your friendship and camaraderie in many ways. It means a great deal to me, and I truly believe helped me in my healing process during a very difficult time. Thank you! Stay positive. Be gracious to the actors on the show. Be individual with your style, make it your own. Be the people your pets think you are. Hopefully see you soon, and I hope to see you around the iona pages! Warm regards, pamela xoxo


Brooke – White Drape Blouse (5.24.13)

Look: Brooke - White Drape Blouse (5.24.13)
I just can’t handle this story line, it is just too much. That’s ok, Taylor will knock some sense back into this whole mess, maybe Katie too. Lots of drape in this blouse, but not too much, somewhat of a universally flattering style on women. Looks as pretty with a grey pencil skirt on Brooke as it would with cut off off shorts on a 20 something gal.

Katie – Draped Dress (5.1.13)

Katie – Draped Dress (5.1.13)

katie dres 3

Katie is finally is in a good, happy place. Too bad it is only going to last a hot minute. This is going to get good!!!! Katie looks great in this wear it anywhere dress. Flattering draping and cool sheer detailing on the back of the dress. So no surprise it’s by Helmut Lang.

Brooke – Tweed Jacket & White Blouse (4.30.13)

Look: Brooke - Tweed Jacket & White Blouse (4.30.13)
Oh the bad medical news, can you believe it? I won’t spoiler it. We first saw this tweed jacket almost a year ago last May. It’s a classic look though, so a great piece for a wardrobe. And I’m not just say that because I’m also carrying THIS line (Theyskens’ Theory) in my boutique, it really is a great versatile piece and a high quality line. Also found this beautiful blouse. It has a dramatic plunge/wrap, so be careful. You can see Brooke is wearing something underneath it to be less revealing.