Caroline – Tweed & Faux Leather Jacket (12.27.12)

Look: Caroline - Tweed & Faux Leather Jacket (12.27.12)
Caroline is looking very serious and all business these days. She wants to win this competition. I wonder what the Vegas betting line is looking like for team Taylor/ Thomas vs team Brooke/ Rick. Speaking of lines, Caroline is wearing Zara again, a fast fashion line I don’t believe in personally. I’ve kept my mouth shut but it keeps popping up lately. This item is sold out but you can find one on ebay.

Here’s a varsity version by Derek Lam.

Steffy – Asymmetric Dress & Foldover Clutch (12.27.12)

Look: Steffy - Asymmetric Dress & Foldover Clutch (12.27.12)
Here’s an outfit I vote for in ‘best of’ category. An edgy, asymmetric neckline by Helmut Lang with the hot pink foldover clutch by Clare Vivier. ‘Best of’ because they look great, and two brands I believe in. The hot pink doesn’t look to be available anymore, but she has a bunch of different other pinks and colors to look at. Here’s the link Clare Vivier.

Dayzee – Peacock Midi Dress (12.26.12)

Look: Dayzee - Peacock Dress (12.26.12)
Dayzee always looks good in nature inspired clothes. I would love to see her maybe in some edgier styles too at some point. It may mean her character would have to go bitchy in which case I would totally be ok with that too. Because you know it would be the good kind of bitchy; the girl friend you want in your corner because she is strong, smart, and correct 99% of the time. For now I’m ok with feathers and leaves and prints.

Steffy – Quilted Shoulder Jacket (12.19.12)

Look: Steffy - Quilted Shoulder Jacket
If I had these pants I would be wearing them as much as possible too. Remember these pants from a year ago, by Isabel Marant Fall 2011 RTW? I wanted this screen cap because I wanted to share the styling of the whole outfit. But if you get a closer look at the jacket, you’ll see some quilting detail on the shoulder. Not a color we would normally expect to see on Steffy, but then again not sure there is a color JMW looks bad in.

Caroline – Peplum Top / Print Pant (12.12.12)

Look: Caroline - Peplum Top / Print Pant (12.12.12)
Caroline has quite a bit more coverage today. Phew that skirt she had on yesterday made me a little nervous when she reached up. We have talked about peplum before and how deceptively flattering it is…so I’m not sure why I haven’t raced out to buy one. In any case. I’m drawn to the pants. The Real Deal are by Zara and they are sold out, sorry (you can get some on ebay).
J Crew has a bunch of great printed cigarette pants though, check them out here. They are a way cooler option for your holiday party than sequins.

Caroline – Aztec Skirt & Pink Blazer (12.8.12)

Look: Caroline - Aztec Skirt & Pink Blazer (12.8.12)
Caroline ‘Speaker of Truths’, and wearer of bandage skirts. Hey she looks good in them so why not. And this kind of blushy pinky blazer? I find myself wanting to hate it, but I think the cut of it has reeled me in. Okay and the color too. Even though I have zero (0) pale pink-ish items in my closet, I like it. I actually love the styling with the strong aztec lines of the skirt and how the lines are carried within the jacket too. Now if the jacket was black it would be very Steffy, but softening the look with the color makes it very Caroline.I found The Real Deal of the skirt and a version of the blazer.