Taylor – Blouse & Long Cardigan (10.25.12)

Look: Taylor - Blouse & Long Cardigan (10.25.12)
I was hoping to get a Taylor post up yesterday in honor of the Stephanie/ Taylor scenes, but I had a difficult time finding Taylor’s blouse and sweater. And I’m pretty sure the reason why is that these two items are from past seasons from Tory Burch. I can tell from the logo buttons on the cardigan that it is Tory Burch, and I’m 95% certain the print on the blouse is also from the same designer. But sometimes…like in our own closets, we wear things from (gasp) a year or so ago. Frankly I would be doing cartwheels down the street if I could wear some jeans from 5 years ago. In any case, Taylor looking beautiful (even when she’s crying too) with her classic, elegant style. To get her look here are a few things that are on the market:

Steffy – Gray Fitted Dress (10.24.12)

Look: Steffy - Gray Fitted Dress (10.24.12)
Steffy makes a fitted dress look so easy to wear. Hey it’s no big deal, just need a perfect body and just add a fitted dress. Or great shapewear. Anyone try Heather RHONY’s Yummie Tummie brand? Digressing. Actually no I really do want to know about Yummie Tummie. Back to the outfit; perfect styling with the booties, the pink clutch, and I would have predicted a drop earring, but then I am surprised with a lariat necklace. In a good way. I’m heading back to the gym.

Caroline – Pleated Mini Skirt (10.22.12)

Look: Caroline - Pleated Mini Skirt (10.22.12)
This skirt is nature inspired with a bird print, so you know I insta-gravitate. Birds were very spring 2012, but I like how this lightweight pleated mini is paired with a heavier black top which makes it a more transitional fall type outfit (albeit the top is light with lace and pin tucks…still more top heavy styling). No luck with The Real Deal, but here are a few similar.

Brooke – Silk Tunic (10.22.12)

Look: Brooke - Silk Tunic (10.22.12)
Did you ever notice, that Brooke is a beautiful crier? Something I’m envious of, since I’m a distorted, red faced, get really ugly crier when I cry. I just had to throw that in there since there have been so many tears lately (including my own watching these Stephanie scenes). Anyhow, great blouse, love the color, and I love the relaxed leather/chain belt styling on her.