Taylor – Blouse & Long Cardigan (10.25.12)

Look: Taylor - Blouse & Long Cardigan (10.25.12)
I was hoping to get a Taylor post up yesterday in honor of the Stephanie/ Taylor scenes, but I had a difficult time finding Taylor’s blouse and sweater. And I’m pretty sure the reason why is that these two items are from past seasons from Tory Burch. I can tell from the logo buttons on the cardigan that it is Tory Burch, and I’m 95% certain the print on the blouse is also from the same designer. But sometimes…like in our own closets, we wear things from (gasp) a year or so ago. Frankly I would be doing cartwheels down the street if I could wear some jeans from 5 years ago. In any case, Taylor looking beautiful (even when she’s crying too) with her classic, elegant style. To get her look here are a few things that are on the market:

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