Caroline – Ruched Dress (7.20.12)

Look: Caroline - Ruched Dress (7.20.12)
By request, you wanted to know where to buy the ruched dress Caroline wore to Dayzee’s wedding. The dress is by Etoile Isabel Marant and sorry to say it is no longer available. I found one new with tags on eBay though. I also found a kind of similar one with ruching and in a similar color family:

3 thoughts on “Caroline – Ruched Dress (7.20.12)

  1. Cute dress.
    Can you find Steffy beach dress from 8/6/2012 episode.

    An Sharon’s( Young & Restless) ..Hot pink dress she wore to Phyllis & Nick wedding 6/08/2012

    🙂 happy I found this site ,

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