Steffy – Lace Up Panel Dress (8.6.12)

This has been the most requested item to date, since I began this site. And I get it, I do, it is a super cool dress. I love just about everything about it, and yeah Steffy rocks it. But I do also think it could be flattering on the rest of us real world gals. So because you all wanted it so badly I conducted a super search (meaning I looked everywhere and logged many unrequited hours of searching). So then I took it to ‘the source’. And I would only go to ‘the source’ in case of emergency…and this dress was such a case. So ‘the source’ is the amazingly talented costume designer of the show, who let me know that the dress is by Opening Ceremony. They are an ultra contemporary retailer, host to many different lines, but they also carry their own Opening Ceremony line, of which this dress is one of. Unfortunately it is sold out. I reached out to the store itself to see if there will be any future availability of this dress, and they are checking and will get back to me. If and when it becomes available again you all will be the first to know. I promise. And I couldn’t find any on eBay either. Similar styles out there? Not really…I’ll just keep you posted on The Real Deal. Deal?

Oh and check out the styles at Opening Ceremony, just click here. Apart from their own line you’ll find a ton others like Norma Kamali & Band of Outsiders.

12 thoughts on “Steffy – Lace Up Panel Dress (8.6.12)

  1. PLEASE!!! Let us know if you find something similar!! I LOVE That dress!!! But even if it wasnt sold out, i couldnt afford to spend $700 on one dress anyway 🙁

  2. Hi, I actually found this site because I was looking for this dress! its a fantastic site, thank you so much! Sooo….any news on the dress?

    • I am so glad you found us! No news on the dress, sorry to report. I am hoping to have an actual update in about a month, I will keep you posted. Thanks Gina! pamela

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