Dayzee – Floral & Lace (3.26) *25th Anniversary party*

Dayzee just gets prettier and prettier and I approve of her recent engagement to Marcus. So here she is at the party with her fiance wearing an interesting floral dress with a whole lot going on (at the party and the dress). I think she is the only character with the beauty and confidence to pull this party dress off. This by the way satisfies another one of my ‘Spring trends’ predictions, putting Dayzee in floral.

So the dress. I am still looking for the Real Deal, but what struck me most about this kind of bohemian/gypsy/doily dress was that it shares many of the design and pattern elements from the Proenza Schouler Spring 2012 collection. The larger scale floral, the mix of patterns and colors. The tiered skirt and hemline. The piping, trim and detailing. Screams Proenza Schouler like this. Here are some Real World versions if you must have this look:

Pam – Multi-color dress (3.26) *25th Anniversary Party*

There is an explosion of color at the party and it’s on Pam’s dress! The dress by Milly itself, which is a sleeveless sheath, I think would look stylish and fun without the purple cardi, and the pearls. I know, I know the pearls are in keeping with her character. But she could have lost the cardigan and look feminine and festive instead of dowdy. Here’s the Real Deal, as well as a Real World option:

Hope – Pink Tulip Dress (3.26) *25th Anniversary Party*

In keeping in her ‘Pretty in Pink’ preppy character, Hope is wearing a pretty pink frock to the anniversary party. The fabric looks to be like a cotton tweed look, or a textured satin, making it a little more party vs solid pink prom. The fitted bodice is great design, but I’m not sure I like the full tulip skirt. Props for the bright pink clutch and simple bracelet accessory. Here are some similar versions:

*Request* Alison – Navy Wrap Dress (3.23)

Nice navy wrap dress on Alison with kimono style sleeves. She breezes in and out of the office so quickly it seems, that it’s nice to see her wearing outfits with drape and texture that catch a flutter in the wind. This dress is generally a universally flattering style on all body types and a good length and sleeve length for all ages. I actually love the color, and think it is a great year round dress as well as a day to night type dress. This dress is by Diane Von Furstenberg (Aiko dress) and sorry, sold out, but here are some others that are quite similar:

Brooke – Gray Silk Blouse & Circle Earrings (3.23)

Trying to help with the damage control of the ‘Hope Fraud’, Brooke looks cool and under control in her silk V neck blouse. We saw her in a similar version of this blouse in white a couple of weeks ago here, also made by designer Vince.

To complete Brooke’s look with her circle pave earrings, here are a couple of near identical and affordable options:

Hope – Pink Blouse and Blue Pencil Skirt (3.23)

Hope is on the verge of a maj meltdown, thank goodness for her new little pink pills. Quite fitting she is wearing a bubble-gum pink blouse and bright blue pencil skirt. The color blocking is fashion forward, yet still young and fresh, but certainly not for everyone. Well, on their own each piece can be mix-matched with your basics if you don’t like the two colors together. Here are the Real Deal and Real World versions of the blouse and skirt:

Madison – Sequin Striped Sweater (3.23)

Madison walks into the room during all the high drama of the ‘Hope is a Fraud’ scandal, and BAM, there she is with her flash of sweater! Pink sequin stripes oh my. Go Madison, add some sparkle to your step.

This number is by J Crew and sorry folks, all sold out. But a few Real World options below you might like:

Hope- Long Sleeve Floral Blouse (3-19)

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw a clip of a spoiler last week of today’s episode and caught a glimpse of Hope wearing something black. I thought maybe her newly non-virginal alter ego was making an appearance only to realize that the blouse was a black floral number. Oh well. In keeping with her character, the blouse was interesting with it’s sheer front paneling and buttons to crew collar. The sleeves were long and the shoulders had extra pouf. The floral itself was the same floral pattern of this tunic she wore on Feb 1 . I couldn’t find it then and I still can’t find it now. Here’s a few similar options though if you liked it. By the way I liked the pocketed wide leg black trousers with it, but the grey over-sized tote I thought looked awful. Yeah a black bag may have been boring, but not ugly. Anyhow, here are some similar blouse options:

Katie – Grey sleeveless dress (3.20)

Katie wearing her standard sheath dress today. I posted this one because I liked the uneven hemline, kind of a cool design element. It’s not quite a high-low hem that we are seeing a lot of, but a cool subtler version. The dress just has a nice casual chic to it with it’s V neckline and with it being sleeveless. Once again she is in a muted tone, this time a grey. I just wish she wasn’t carrying that huge camel suitcase purse again. With such a great baseline, some bangles in corral or red or turquoise would look fab. Welcome in spring a little! But, Katie always looks great no matter what. Here’s a few options for the dress: