Brooke – White Drape Blouse (5.24.13)

Look: Brooke - White Drape Blouse (5.24.13)
I just can’t handle this story line, it is just too much. That’s ok, Taylor will knock some sense back into this whole mess, maybe Katie too. Lots of drape in this blouse, but not too much, somewhat of a universally flattering style on women. Looks as pretty with a grey pencil skirt on Brooke as it would with cut off off shorts on a 20 something gal.

Brooke – Tweed Jacket & White Blouse (4.30.13)

Look: Brooke - Tweed Jacket & White Blouse (4.30.13)
Oh the bad medical news, can you believe it? I won’t spoiler it. We first saw this tweed jacket almost a year ago last May. It’s a classic look though, so a great piece for a wardrobe. And I’m not just say that because I’m also carrying THIS line (Theyskens’ Theory) in my boutique, it really is a great versatile piece and a high quality line. Also found this beautiful blouse. It has a dramatic plunge/wrap, so be careful. You can see Brooke is wearing something underneath it to be less revealing.

Brooke – Wrap Front/ Open Back Blouse (3.15.13)

Look: Brooke - Wrap Front/ Open Back Blouse (3.15.13)
It has been a while since I’ve seen Brooke’s play the darker manipulative role again and I like it! Did you catch a glimpse of the back of this blouse before she took it off for her lingerie re-intro, photo bombing? I mean runway bombing of Thomas’ meeting? Well it’s a cool open back. Here you go (although the blue seems to be sold out…)