Steffy – Quill Necklace (7.26.12)

Look: Steffy - Quill Necklace (7.26.12)
I like that the clothes and accessories are re-used on the show. For one it makes it more real life if the character repeats….because I don’t know about you, but I don’t have an outfit for every new day. Secondly, I like the re-use by a different character…it shows you a different look for the same item. I am always looking for ways to mix and match my existing wardrobe, so when the wardrobe team reuses items like this, it’s quite inspiring. And also Steffy could basically wear Liam’s tie and still look good. Here’s that great quill necklace we saw on Caroline back in April.Who do you think wore it better, Caroline or Steffy?

Taylor – Zipper Skirt (7.26.12)

Look: Taylor - Zipper Skirt (7.26.12)
Taylor having a pow wow with Ridge and $Bill to try to figure out the main culprit in this Wedding Day mess. I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before she figures out who was the brains behind the operation. May as well look good doing it. And this also goes to show zippers aren’t just for 20 somethings. Sorry, the Real Deal doesn’t appear to be available in bright orange anymore:

Hope – Striped Tank (7.24.12)

Look: Hope - Striped Tank (7.24.12)
Did you hear Brooke’s comment about ‘Hope is changing her style’? Interested to see what that’s going to be all about. In the meantime, it’s still pretty classic Hope preppy chic in her nautical chill at home outfit. Striped tank and cut off shorts. Cute. There are tons of striped tanks out there, here are a couple to choose from:

Katie – Pink Dress (7.23.12)

Look:Katie - Pink Dress (7.23.12)
Glowing in bubblegum pink! That’s a lotta pink. Simple design with 3/4 sleeves and a burst of color. I get that the belt was placed for some figure definition, but I’d be okay with or without it. This actually is my idea of a great dress for a wedding…you can eat and drink whatever you want and not have to be a slave to the shapewear. Here are some similar styles:

Dayzee – Long Sleeve Romper (7.10.12)

Look: Dayzee - Long Sleeve Romper (7.10.12)
Arguably one of the most requested items to date, and of course….it’s not available anymore. I think this is a great look on Dayzee. She looks very stylish but in her easy chic kind of way. We all were taking votes on the print, and it is a wing pattern, which is kind of funky. Thanks to our fab reader Nola for finding the Real Deal, on ebay! It was formerly available at Anthropologie. I have included some similar styles if you want the romper look.

Katie – Striped Dress (7.18.12)

I envy the pregnant gals who can wear the body conscious dresses when they are pregnant, because they look ‘cute’ with their visible bump. For me I would have to either turn the clock back, or starve because my big brunch might be mistaken for a baby bump if I wore this. Katie pretty much always looks great. Here are some versions for body types of all shapes and sizes:

Caroline – Tweed Jacket (7.17.12)

It’s the season of blue tweed. First we saw Hope in that J Crew version here. Then we saw Brooke in that Theyskens’ Theory version here. Now Caroline is wearing a cropped, collarless, zipped pocket blue/ gray tone version. Sans fringe. I like the easy look with the white tank/T and loose pocket pants. Kind of a Hope/ Steffy mixed look. It’s a chic, classic, Chanel-esque look. Here is a version of this one if you like this style the best.

Pam – Jacquard Print Dress (7.17.12)

Pam’s back. I forgot she was the executive admin again at Forrester. And fashion show coordinator too, I guess. Oh and the press liaison. Well she has certainly proven she has many skills that everyone was unaware of when she ripped of the previous designs for Jackie M…so why not increase her responsibilities. Outfit review: Pearls, check. Cardigan, check. Diamond jacquard print dress…quite nice. The wardrobe team did a nice job with the belt detailing. Here are a couple of versions: