Steffy – Studded Shoulder Blazer

Look: Steffy - Studded Shoulder Blazer

Are Steffy and Liam stopping at the party on their way to a Heart concert? Come on I’m not the only one thinking this was very 80’s kind of glam rock looking. Big hair included. Here is The Real Deal if you want to try the look yourself. And if you don’t know the band Heart you should Google it, and you’ll see the resemblance. I embedded a photo anyhow, couldn’t help myself.

Caroline – Leather Panel Dress (11.29.12)

Look: Caroline - Leather Panel Dress (11.29.12)
Stella McCartney was the first to come out with this style of contrast dress a couple of years ago, and it has taken on many different versions since then. I like this take on it with the leather inset. It looks great on Caroline. I have a dress like this and I do not have a body like Caroline’s, but it is still very flattering on me. So with that I think it would look good on most women. My two cents.

Dayzee – Turquoise Tri-Stone Ring (11.29.12)

Look: Dayzee - Turquoise Tri-Stone Ring (11.29.12)
I love Dayzee’s understated bohemian look, amped up with the statement ring. I found a couple similar at different quality and price point. Also I threw in a pair of peacock earrings similar to the ones Dayzee is wearing for the heck of it.

Brooke – Slouch Sweater (11.28.12)

Look: Brooke - Slouch Sweater (11.28.12)
I decided to put a screen shot with $Bill and Brooke up because all of this sweater air time was with Stephanie, and it was just too sad. So instead this will drive many fans nuts and my lovely international readers (who are a couple months behind) scratching their heads saying WTH? Or more likely WTF?Anyhow who doesn’t love a big, forgiving, cozy sweater. I do I do! Now’s a good time to get some of these higher priced items in your closet because everything is on sale. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Steffy – Grey Knit Biker Jacket (11.20.12)

Look: Steffy - Grey Knit Biker Jacket (11.20.12)
From the beach to the boardroom. I wish I could transition that fast and look that good. Looks like Steffy is on side with the Thomas’ “update Forrester to the 21st Century”. Can’t say I disagree, just wish I was one of the tech consultants getting in that 10 million $$ project that Thomas did all the research for…in 5 hours.I’m pretty sure The Real Deal on this jacket is by Zara, but looks to be sold out. Here is one in black. I’ve also included a few similar styles in a grey knit. I like the biker jacket look in a knit don’t you?

Caroline – Sheer Back Jumpsuit (11.15.12)

Look: Caroline - Sheer Back Jumpsuit (11.15.12)
Have any of you ever bought a jumpsuit? I have not, I am 6ft so it could all go so terribly wrong if the tailoring isn’t spot on. I don’t even have to spell it out you know what I mean (I don’t mean waist too high and I don’t mean length too short, so yeah, that other¬† fashion mis-step in our lady parts region) It looks good on Caroline though. And I love Rachel Zoe, and how she paneled the back sheer so it looks cool and not boring. A young fresh top knot would look great with this, but Caroline has great hair so down do works too.

Hope – Owl Sweater (11.15.12)

Look: Hope - Owl Sweater (11.15.12)
I have received lots of colorful commentary on this colorful sweater. If you were on the nay-say, does it make a difference to you that Kate Moss was seen wearing this Burberry RTW F12 owl sweater? Whimsy, cool?¬† So obviously Hope’s is a less expensive version of the runway version, so you too could channel your inner Hope or the divine Ms Moss. Up to you, but be prepared, your 6 your old niece will love it, the fashionista’s will literally tip their hats to you on the street but your love interest is going to think it is zero sexy.