Brooke – Blue Pocketed Blouse (8.30.12)

Look: Brooke - Blue Pocketed Blouse (8.30.12)
At least someone got to change on this 3rd wedding attempt day. Did Brooke have time to get her hair done too, because this color looks stunning on her with her blond hair. What a great blouse. This is great transition piece to take you into fall. It has some totally fall on-trend elements; the bright cobalt blue, the military details (the shoulder epaulettes). And when it gets colder, thrown on a blazer, a leather jacket, or a long sweater with some lace up boots. Oh and raven haired gals will look just as amazing in this color. Thumbs up. Did I mention those grey tone pants still make this look summer appropriate? They do.

Brooke – Checkered Dress (7.3.12)

This was another one of those items I received a ton of requests for in early July and couldn’t find anywhere. I hate it when that happens, but you know, sometimes items aren’t available anymore, or they just can’t be found easily on the interwebs. Well this was one of them. I found out through the B&B Fan Page recently that this dress is by LA designer Pamela Barish. She sells her collections at her LA boutique. Now I’m not sure if she has any left, but if you reach out they may be able to help you (contact info on website). Plus she has all sorts of nice designs to oggle


Steffy – Ruffle Dress (8.21.12)

Look: Steffy - Ruffle Dress (8.21.12)

If you read my previous Steffy post, then I don’t need to go into the whole ensemble. The dress is a little more complex than a simple flirty summer dress. It has a draped, pleated V neck over the shoulders with the fabric which ends at a high waisted fitted elasticized skirt…which itself ends in a cute kick ruffle. Now Steffy’s dress has a fun muted tone print on it, but I am almost certain this dress is the Horai dress by Isabel Marant (which is sold out). The Horai dress I did find on ebay has no print but the same structure. I found a couple others that had similar styling and prints:

Steffy – Leather Lapel Blazer (8.21.12)

This outfit is a perfect example of how to transition your wardrobe from summer into fall. I’m pretty sure this blazer was Zara 2011, but here are some versions that are currently on the market. I for one think this is a great investment piece. Pretty much can be worn year round; it can be worn casual with jeans, it can be worn with fun dresses like Steffy here, it can be worn with work separates like a skinny black pant, and it could be worn more for evening of course (think a sequined tank). Just find the right style that fits your body type. Here are a couple:

Taylor – Silk T (8.20.12)

Look: Taylor - Silk T (8.20.12)
Simple but elegant don’t you think? I generally like Taylor in a less is more kind of look (and by less I mean not too busy or over accessorized). I like this with the straight leg white pants. It would also look great with a navy pencil skirt and navy ankle strap heels. I am pretty sure that The Real Deal is by 3.1 Philip Lim, but not in this pink tone anymore (in pretty much every other color).

Dayzee – Cold Shoulder Dress (8.18.12)

Look: Dayzee - Cold Shoulder Dress (8.18.12)
I am so sorry Dayzee that I took a picture with your mouth full. It was the best angle of the dress I could find though. You still look great though. Following in the bohemian chic mode this summer, Dayzee is wearing another Anthropologie number; with a tribal print, kind of a midi length, with an interesting rope/ floral belt. The stacked wedges she is wearing were the right choice I would say. Sorry…this dress isn’t on the market anymore, I found The Real Deal on ebay though, and a few similar options:

Hope – White Strapless Dress (8.18.12)

Look: Hope - White Strapless Dress (8.18.12)
Although this is a toned down wedding extravaganza (compared to her other ones), it doesn’t mean the bride-to-be-again cannot wear her bridal luncheon frock before the ceremony gown right? I still like the mountain top wedding the best. Oops wrong bride. But I do like this simple strapless dress, I might also have to look for that jeweled station necklace Hope is wearing with it. Once again I get distracted by the shiny things, so here are a couple of versions of the dress:

Steffy – Deco Necklace (8.15.12)

Look: Steffy - Deco Necklace (8.15.12)

Back to back nights in the club, this time it’s ladies night tonight (or is it?). Take a simple black on black palette and put on some statement jewelry and you’ve got yourself a great outfit. This half circle shape has a very Art Deco feel to it. It also kind of reminds me of the inner workings of a watch or clock. Here is a very similar version. If anyone finds The Real Deal in the sea of jewelry let me know so I can give you credit!

8.29.12 Update. Thanks to Frances for finding The Real Deal by New York designer/artist Pamela Love from her Spring 2012 Collection. Sorry it appears to be sold out, but have a look at her designs on her website (usually available at Barneys NY, Neiman Marcus $225)