Taylor – Military Detail Dress (9.20.12)

Look: Taylor - Military Detail Dress (9.20.12)
Taylor looks spectacular in the color of the season, in this on-trend dress with the military inspired details. The Real Deal is this Declan dress by Tory Burch from Fall2011 and unfortunately it is sold out. You can grab one on ebay. I’ve listed a few similar dresses if you love the look. Did I mention I like Taylor’s fashionable side braid? She looks so put together, and I would not think to style this dress with an oversized link necklace… but it works… and this is one example my friends, why the B&B costume designer is just so damn good.

Steffy – Grey V- Neck Sweater (9.20.12)

Look: Steffy - Grey V- Neck Sweater (9.20.12)
If anyone ever tells you you can’t wear white after labor day, tell them that is so yesterday. Besides both Tim Gunn (Project Runway, Parsons School) and Nina Garcia (Marie Claire Fashion Editor, Project Runway), both say it is not only ok, it is encouraged. Steffy looking cool and comfortable in her slightly sheer sweater, with a white tank, white jeans tucked into these combat boots, and wearing those drop tusk earrings. I’m almost certain that The Real Deal is a DSquared2 sweater.

Katherine Kelly Lang – CBS Fall Premiere Event (Sept 2012)

Look: Katherine Kelly Lang - CBS Fall Premiere Party (Sept 2012)
(Photo by Steven Bergman)
It is nice to see the actors out on the red carpet or out and about. And KKL looks fantastic. I’m not sure if this outfit is her own styling or by a stylist, but either way it is it well put together. Remember what I said about a great tuxedo blazer being a versatile staple in your wardrobe, when Steffy wore this one in mid-August? Anyhow the platform shoes tie in with the relaxed blouse, and the jacket; and the skinny pants give it a sexy, edgy silhouette. She looks great. And thanks to Katherine Kelly Lang who let me know by Twitter that this jacket is by Temperley!
Another update: KKL let me know the blouse is also by Temperley, and the Velvet tie is actually attached (with addition velvet cuff detail). It all works beautifully. Thx!

Hope – Lace Print Dress (9.17.12)

Look: Hope - Lace Print Dress (9.17.12)
Whenever I am asked to do an ad-hoc photo-shoot, I am ready to go 0% of the time. I’m usually wearing yoga clothes and with my hair in a ponytail. Actually I’m never asked to do an ad-hoc photo-shoot. But Hope is asked A LOT, and she is ready to go 100% of the time. I like how this kind of antique looking lace print dress is worn with the antique pearl strands. Here is The Real Deal and a less expensive version to get the look

Hope – One Shoulder Ruffle Dress (9.13.12)

Look: Hope - One Shoulder Ruffle Dress (9.13.12)
She’s trying. The girl is really trying to look happy, while standing up at her mom’s wedding. She changed into her wedding frock, which is a very feminine dress with the front & back ruffles, and the one shoulder ruffle detail. Ruffles strategically placed like these one can be a girls best friend…giving cover to any trouble spots in a pretty way, especially if you partake in a few glasses of bubbly and hors d’oeuvres at a wedding you are attending. Or…if you have a perfect Hope-like body then the ruffles just look pretty. Here is The Real Deal (albeit in what looks like a different shade of blue), and another version with even more ruffle.

Brooke – Wedding Gown (9.12.12)

Look: Brooke - Wedding Gown (9.12.12)
Yes I saw the other 5 wedding gowns, and this is my favorite. The back! Look at the back! (You’re going to have to click the item below because I only did the screen cap from the front). The gown is simple and elegant. We all know that Ridge is going to be leaving the show. At least we know that the last image he’ll have of Brooke is a beautiful one.