Steffy – Combat Boots (9.2.12)

Look: Steffy - Combat Boots (9.2.12)
I’ve had a lot of requests for these boots that Steffy is wearing, so I thought I’d better make a post. These lace up boots are more combat style (think Doc Martens) vs the classic ‘motorcycle’ boots you would normally see (square toe, buckles), but then again don’t we just love how Steffy goes against the norm anyhow? The boots she is wearing look like they may be from the JMW closet, but I’m not sure. These Tory Burch ones look pretty close to The Real Deal. Tory Burch? Let me tell you I would never have thought to look up ‘combat boots’ = ‘Tory Burch’, ever. But ‘me’ = ‘always right’, never. So here you go, plus a couple of similar versions including a fantastic Reader Find from our stylish reader Debbie. Thanks!

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