Katherine Kelly Lang – CBS Fall Premiere Event (Sept 2012)

Look: Katherine Kelly Lang - CBS Fall Premiere Party (Sept 2012)
(Photo by Steven Bergman)
It is nice to see the actors out on the red carpet or out and about. And KKL looks fantastic. I’m not sure if this outfit is her own styling or by a stylist, but either way it is it well put together. Remember what I said about a great tuxedo blazer being a versatile staple in your wardrobe, when Steffy wore this one in mid-August? Anyhow the platform shoes tie in with the relaxed blouse, and the jacket; and the skinny pants give it a sexy, edgy silhouette. She looks great. And thanks to Katherine Kelly Lang who let me know by Twitter that this jacket is by Temperley!
Another update: KKL let me know the blouse is also by Temperley, and the Velvet tie is actually attached (with addition velvet cuff detail). It all works beautifully. Thx!

2 thoughts on “Katherine Kelly Lang – CBS Fall Premiere Event (Sept 2012)

  1. Hi 🙂

    Could I request a look please? Recently I saw the character Brooke, wearing a purple silk dress that had a see-through part to it at the bust. It looked really elegant. I can’t find it anywhere though. It was in the episodes where Brooke was trying to get Liam to tell Hope about his and Steffy’s shared kiss on her wedding day after Brooke say it on an iPad.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Zoe, I know exactly the dress you are referring to, and I am sorry to say I was unsuccessful with that search. I actually couldn’t find much in the way of similar items either. I am sorry I couldn’t be of help with this one. Hopefully in the future I’ll have better luck. Thanks for reading, pamela

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