Brooke – Drop Shoulder V Neck Sweater (2.27.13)

Look: Brooke - Drop Shoulder V Neck Sweater (2.27.13)
Things are getting awfully cozy in the consoling cabin. This can’t go well for anyone involved especially Brooke. At least she’s cozy in this sweater too, she might want to hang onto it, as it may be the only thing comforting her in the future. I found the Real Deal, but not in this color anymore. But it is on sale, so that’s a bonus.

Steffy – Black & Gold Top (2.15.13)

steffy top 2

Steffy is wearing another deco inspired top, kind of a similar vibe to this Helmut Lang one we saw last week. Now an interesting thing about this outfit is that JMW tweeted us about a month ago, and spoon fed us all with the details; top by All Saints, and pants by Adriano Goldschmied. Well the top is no where to be found. Must be sold out. I know I know I feel the same way. Here is a tank with similar embellishment and a similar spike bracelet.

Brooke – Grey Loungewear (2.14.13)


Brooke is really putting the hard press on Hope to move back in with Liam, and Hope is worried about Brooke being alone for that hot minute that she has been single? I just want to point out the books on the nightstand. C’mon this was some clever placement by the props people, testing to see if we were smart enough to catch it. Haha, the books ‘Stallion’ and ‘The Last Woman’? Who knew that the B&B props guys had such a sense of humor. I want hang out with those guys!

Thanks to Melanie for the Reader Find of these pj’s! We also have the reader review that they are super comfortable too. Thanks Melanie! They are available with pj bottons, top and nightie.

Dayzee – Lace & Denim Shirt (2.12.13)

dayzeeI don’t know what to make of this story line. Maya has got crazy eyes going that freak me out,and why is Carter being such a drag? Oh hey you were doing your job but you’re going to jail kind of thing. I love Dayzee’s new hair, it looks amazing, and nice of her man to notice. Her outfit is kind of 80’s boho…the pastel print top with the jean shirt over top worn open. It looks like something someone would wear in a John Hughes movie (think Sixteen Candles, Breakfast club for the young readers…you should watch both of those). Here’s the look


Hope – Hot Pink Knit Dress (2.11.13)

hope magenta

There is no shortage of Logan girl confidence this week and Hope is no exception. There is no room for…anything…in this dress. I would not have the strength to be pushing anybody while wearing this as I would have to skip breakfast, lunch, dinner, water and breath mints to wear this dress. One of my favorite colors though. A similar version…