Katie – Long Cardigan (3.29.13)

Look: Katie - Long Cardigan (3.29.13)
Katie is back and not backing down. From Bill or from Brooke. And she’s back in stilettos and working back to the little waist again. Layers of jersey work and look great in monochromatic shades. And comfortable. I do like the styling with the thick belt, but I think if the cardigan was pulled just a few inches closer together at waist and below I would like this even more. Anyhow, looks like a great closet staple.

Katie – Embellished Top (3.21.13)

Look: Katie - Embellished Top (3.21.13)
Don’t you just love a Logan sister smackdown? For such an over-attentive new Mom, Katie is looking very put together don’t you think? She could also transition easily into going out for a night out. She is wearing a very on-trend color, with that deco type embellishment that we have seen on Steffy a few times. Very pretty and flattering.


Caroline – Red Zip Front Dress (3.14.13)

Look: Caroline - Red Zip Front Dress (3.14.13)

Come on something is not right with this girl, right? The fall and head ground smack are the reason behind this personality change right? I hope she turns it around soon, because I also need her to stop thinking about only wearing peplum. I can’t take it anymore, I need a peplum break. Granted this dress looks fantastic on her, but you know what I mean. The red version of this dress appears to be sold out, but here’s the Real Deal in black, and a less expensive version in blue.