Bridget – Lace Dress (Feb 28)

Well I guess that’s one way to bring back a storyline. Be absent for months then show up and make a major announcement. At least Bridget was wearing a hot dress to do so, and she looks gorgeous (I do like her dark hair too). This is the sexiest take on the lace dresses I’ve seen for spring so far. Fitted mini with deep ‘show em’ scoop neck and cap sleeves, lovely, but not exactly a fit for every body. The lace is so pretty though. Up close it almost shimmers in shades of gray. If you want to flaunt it, here you go.

Katie – Abstract Print Dress (Feb 22)

When do you ever see Katie dressed down? Rarely. Here she is at the ‘Bikini Beach Bar’ , hanging out with all the kids, and looking very dressed up. It might be her pony tail making the dress look more formal. Maybe if she had her hair down in loose ‘beachy’ waves she would fit in a bit more.

However, the print of the dress is so fashion forward. Lots of large prints are out there for spring, including oversized blown up flower prints, and tie dye/ batik like large scale ethnic prints like this. The asymmetrical billowy one sleeve adds another pretty feminine element to the original. This would look great with a blazer or leather jacket on top. I love the tights with the dress on the model in the last image. So here they are, a couple of similar options, and affordable ones too:

Brooke – Sheer nude top (Feb 23)

See Brooke, see her being the voice of reason trying to convince her young daughter to be more like mom. Hilarious. But she is wearing this cool tunic with a drop waist double belt. The blouse is sheer, and worn boldly here with just a bra. I actually was out with a friend last weekend who wore a very similar sheer top layered on top of a sequin tank. It looked so pretty, really toned down the obvious bling of the sequins and made it more chic instead of too much. I love items that can be re-worked to look many different ways and this is one of them. And this is by Helmut Lang so it has some of their trademark angular construction, here the uneven hemline with a 15 degree asymmetry. Major chic.

Hope – Pastel Blue Link Bracelet (Feb 20)

What a dramatic day for miss Hope, she was infuriated by the Steffy antics, and it was all really quite entertaining. Hope was doing a lot of animated talking and hands were flying everywhere, so I couldn’t help myself from becoming fixated on her blue link bracelet. So here it is and more affordable versions. It is very fashion forward, and also check boxes one of the categories I predicted Hope to be wearing from my spring trends post.

Madison – Silk Purple Blouse (Feb 17)

Madison almost always has a cheery smile on her face, and this festive blouse certainly adds to the cheer. It’s a pretty standard wear with just about anything blouse. It works great as an office blouse, but how about wearing it with jeans, open up a few buttons with a tank and long necklace or turquoise bangle and you’ve got yourself a date outfit.

Steffy – FEATHER Necklace (Feb 15)

Update 3.2: Thanks to one of our lovely readers for pointing me in the right direction, that this leaf necklace is actually a feather! And it is by Chan-Luu. Thank you, one mystery solved! And hey since we waited long enough it is on sale now.

What a pretty long beaded leaf necklace. This pulls the plaid shorts suit with black tank together nicely. The necklace would look just as pretty on a white tank and long skirt, or jeans. It’s a little less harsh than the bullet dangler no?

Katie – Camel Purse (Feb 16)

I was a bit surprised to see Katie carrying such a rather large purse, I mean it’s big. However if you are carrying your makeup, ipad, and just about anything else then its a great multi-purpose bag. The camel color of course matches everything, and it would be a great travel bag. This isn’t one that’s a good evening transition though, however you could easily fit an evening clutch in there. Here is a similar version to the original.

Brooke – Lace Top (Feb 15)

Brooke looks so pretty in her white lace top, maybe she’s in no-wedding mourning. Regardless you could wear this top a ga-billion ways with colored tanks underneath, a leather jacket on top, jeans or make it formal with a satin skirt.

Her hair is divine with this style of top, with a loose side pony, and wearing encrusted hoops. What a nice sunny day outfit lunching at the outdoor Forrester gym (weird). I can barely workout at my gym with all the special smells and strange sights. I guess Brooke and Katie don’t care about the gal doing sit ups 2 feet from them. Anyhow, pretty top.

Spring 2012 Trends – Who on B&B will wear what, and you?

I know it’s still chilly out and we are all wearing our layers, but it’s time to
think about what we need to add to update our spring wardrobe. You don’t have to
buy the Gucci dress to get the look, there’s plenty of ‘Real World
versions and accessories out there to pull the season’s newest looks together. Here
are some of the trends for men and women and my predictions of who is going to wear
them on the show. Let me know if you agree or disagree? You can click on any of
the items there for more info..there’s some ‘Real Deal‘ designer
trends, but plenty of ‘Real World‘ options. Just click on the item
you like and it will take you to that particular item.


Who will be wearing? Brooke, Hope


Art Deco

Who will be wearing? Katie, Steffy, Jackie


Color Blocking/ Brights

Who will be wearing? Taylor, Steffy, Donna



Who will be wearing? Amber



Who will be wearing? Dayzee, Hope


Black & White

Who will be wearing? Katie, Pam, Stephanie



Who will be wearing? Hope, Dayzee


Wide Legs Pants

Who will be wearing? maybe…Thomas or Ridge?


Bold Colors

Who will be wearing? Marcus, Liam, Oliver