Steffy – FEATHER Necklace (Feb 15)

Update 3.2: Thanks to one of our lovely readers for pointing me in the right direction, that this leaf necklace is actually a feather! And it is by Chan-Luu. Thank you, one mystery solved! And hey since we waited long enough it is on sale now.

What a pretty long beaded leaf necklace. This pulls the plaid shorts suit with black tank together nicely. The necklace would look just as pretty on a white tank and long skirt, or jeans. It’s a little less harsh than the bullet dangler no?

16 thoughts on “Steffy – FEATHER Necklace (Feb 15)

  1. I think Stella & Dot also has a pretty reasonable version of this. You can also buy pendants, chain/necklace separately if you already have one or the other.

    • Hey Leigh, thanks for reminding me of their great accessories. They do have a lot of options and to mix and match. Also reasonably priced. I’ll refer to them as I research other accessories too, thanks for the tip!!!

    • Hi Kelly, I have had a bunch of gals asking me to please find the original, so I am going to take another look! I’ll keep you posted unless someone else steers you in the right direction beforehand. I would love to know too, I love that necklace.

  2. If you go to chan luu .com and get on online stores the first one has the same exact necklace… the beaded’s are called pyrite, I ordered one !!

  3. I’am Looking for the Bazer and short’s Steffy is wearing with the Chan-luu necklace will you help me find it. Kelly

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