Steffy – Deco Necklace (8.15.12)

Look: Steffy - Deco Necklace (8.15.12)

Back to back nights in the club, this time it’s ladies night tonight (or is it?). Take a simple black on black palette and put on some statement jewelry and you’ve got yourself a great outfit. This half circle shape has a very Art Deco feel to it. It also kind of reminds me of the inner workings of a watch or clock. Here is a very similar version. If anyone finds The Real Deal in the sea of jewelry let me know so I can give you credit!

8.29.12 Update. Thanks to Frances for finding The Real Deal by New York designer/artist Pamela Love from her Spring 2012 Collection. Sorry it appears to be sold out, but have a look at her designs on her website (usually available at Barneys NY, Neiman Marcus $225)

Caroline – Long Quill Necklace (8.1.12)

Look: Caroline - Long Quill Necklace (8.1.12)
The brain trust of Thomas and Caroline… who would of thought these two would be the dynamic duo. But hey, I like it. Much like I like the duo of brass and porcupine quills in this necklace that Caroline is wearing, beautifully offset by her robins egg blue tank. The necklace is another cool piece by K/LLER, and we can only hope that Caroline will wear every piece in their collection. 

Steffy – Quill Necklace (7.26.12)

Look: Steffy - Quill Necklace (7.26.12)
I like that the clothes and accessories are re-used on the show. For one it makes it more real life if the character repeats….because I don’t know about you, but I don’t have an outfit for every new day. Secondly, I like the re-use by a different character…it shows you a different look for the same item. I am always looking for ways to mix and match my existing wardrobe, so when the wardrobe team reuses items like this, it’s quite inspiring. And also Steffy could basically wear Liam’s tie and still look good. Here’s that great quill necklace we saw on Caroline back in April.Who do you think wore it better, Caroline or Steffy?

Steffy- V Neck Blouse & Extra Long Necklace (6.5.12)

This necklace must be a good 120″ long. And I’m also guessing it’s some bead or shell material. I think the oversized necklace set on a slouchy blouse looks so west coast chic. It must be the week of front braids too; both Katie and Steffy. Anyways, I don’t know where to find this necklace, but to copy the look, the longer the better. The blouse looks like this Vince blouse, long in the back as Steffy is wearing it and open up a button or two for a plunging neckline (and with sleeves rolled up!):

Hope – Green Blouse/ Navy Necklace (5.22.12)

This is a throwback to 80′s preppy with the green and navy combo, which offers some whimsy…but this may be a little too matronly a look for Hope. Just saying. She is such a natural beauty and I love the necklace…You know what? I’m just going to stop talking, you be the judge. This Real Deal Talitha blouse by J Crew is sold out of this green, but it is still available in red and fuchsia. Here are also some similar necklaces as well.

Brooke – Magenta Dress/ Tassel Necklace (5.22.12)

Brooke was wearing this gorgeous magenta pencil dress on the 25th anniversary episode and here it is as a repeat on this episode. Funny how a simple statement necklace can totally change the look of the dress isn’t it? As much as I love the cut, the length, the color and the step sleeves of this dress, it wasn’t available back then, and still isn’t now. But hey, why not change up the look of one of your dresses in your closet with must have tassel necklace? We saw a great version on Steffy here several weeks back, here are some other versions with this gold strand look: