Steffy – Tassel Necklace (4.10.12)

Steffy seems so drama free and pulled together in general these days, especially compared to Hope. This outfit is the same. Pinstripe blazer… nice, sheer white tank…same, but put them together with an over-sized tassel necklace and you have this totally pulled together look. This looks great with her fitted black pants, but she would also look great in those corral pants she wore a few weeks back. Either way, looks great. Oh I almost forgot to mention the peek of a solid black bra under the sheer white is very Steffy cool. Here is the necklace and a Real World inexpensive version:

2 thoughts on “Steffy – Tassel Necklace (4.10.12)

  1. Okay, I’m totally digging Stephy’s pulled together look (although she would make a paper bag sexy). Did you catch her pink polka dotted nails?! I want to copy that! It was so cute! I hope after Hope’s confession today; her style will come back too!

    • Hi Chrystal! I absolutely caught the nails and I personally considered it for a minute or two as I was waiting for my manicure today. (I didn’t). She has such great style, can’t wait to see what’s ahead

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