Bill – Purple Contrast Shirt (4.27.12)

Bill the power meddler. He likes things his way and he gets things his way. He’s stirring up an Aspen doozy right now with Hope/Liam/Steffy. But he’s looking mighty fine while he’s doing it! Bill definitely has a style you can count of. There’s a 99% chance you will see him wearing a shirt by the Tardieu brother’s design team of Boggose, based in Miami, FL. Bogosse means handsome; we agree. Bill’s shirt in this episode reflects the unique detailing you will find in all Bogosse designs: magenta contrast stitching, buttoned back collar, patterned inset collar…and the uber cool leather tabs at the cuffs. Bill’s purple shirt does not still appear to be available, but you can shop on the Bogosse site direct for the same style (below) and another similar version from Nordstrom.

Brooke – Color Blocked Dress (4.24.12)

Brooke must be tiny, do you see how short this is on the model below? It’s still short but not as short. The color blocking on the dress is a unique ‘shades of blue’ combo with the lighter shade on the bottom of the dress, and the bright blue on the top. The top with the v neck and dolman sleeves billow down to a sash belt  worn as a slight drop waist. It’s another pretty DVF number. I think this bright blue would look great on brunettes, but it looks gorgeous with Brooke’s blond hair.

Did you happen to notice the cool black cuff bracelet? Nice to see Brooke wearing something non-bling or metal for a change. Love the look.

Steffy – Black Leather Tee (4.23.12)

Steffy takes edgy urban chic the distance and always pulls it off. This black leather tee is just so super cool I can’t even talk about it. I think the simplicity is what makes it so special. Balanced with her ombre hair and the brown wrap leather bracelet (which I also just made an earlier post about here), it  is such a pulled together look. I know it isn’t a look for everyone, but if you want a fun, fashion forward piece that will last for seasons…maybe for years, this could be an option. Pretty sure I might melt in it though.. We’ve also got a faux leather version for the animal lovers and “diamond” hoop earrings to finish the look.

Steffy – Leather Wrap Bracelet (4.23.12)

If you’ve been following the Soaps Style Facebook page, you know how much I love wrap bracelets, and I LOVE this brown leather wrap bracelet with the hardware clasp (you can’t see that in this pic). I love this even more with the choice of brown leather with the black leather top on Steffy. I found a bracelet that it very similar from Barney’s New York, and it has diamonds in the clasp…and it’s over $10,000. Gasp. Here are a few Real World versions that accomplish the same thing:

Hope – Polka Dot Blouse (4.23.12)

Monday’s are always days to make decisive moves, yes? You have the entire weekend to think about things like, ‘I’m never drinking again’, or ‘I’m going to the gym 5x this week’. Hope just so happened to decide she doesn’t want to be friends with Amber anymore. Probably a wise decision. She also woke up and decided to wear a quirky girl/preppy/nautical style outfit. The blouse is by J Crew and if you look closely it actually has a jacquard ivory polka dot as well. Kind of fun. The red long necklace accessorizing totally works. Cute!

The Real Deal

Taylor – Fringe Tie Blouse (4.20.12)

Doc is trying to have another reasonable and logical conversation with Ridge about Steffy and Thomas, and their respective love lives. I mean, she always has good points. As well, her points are always driven home more seriously when she has a great outfit on. Tie front blouses are so in fashion again this year, but this one has that little extra umph with the fringed tie. I understand you can detach the fringe as well from this Real Deal version by Tory Burch. The ivory one does not appear to be available anymore, but here it is in a soft lilac. De-lovely.

Hope – Flutter Sleeve Dress (4.20.12)

And boom, down for the count. Poor Hope. What was supposed to be a fun night at Bikini Bar with Liam, ended up being a pill induced schnoozel on the couch. You could see her pretty sheer cap sleeves flutter and she fell into the pillow. She got all dressed up in her pretty date night dress and everything. Major bummer. So here is a version of this dress if you want it for your own date night. Remember, no pills, and only one glass of wine beforehand.

Caroline – Graphic Print Skirt (4.17.12)

Sorry. I couldn’t help myself cheesing it up a little and putting the Caroline/Rick impromptu photo-shoot pic up from today’s episode. Cute though no? We are starting to see common elements in Caroline’s style, and I like it. It is not as edgy as Steffy, and not as preppy as Hope, and not as provocative as Amber…but throw them all in a blender and Caroline’s style is what might emerge. It will be fun to watch her character develop, and of course to see what she wears.

Fun outfit with the high-low hemmed skirt with the modern graphic print. I’ll call this the ‘screensaver waterfall print’. The simple tank, the gold bar necklace, long earrings, and strappy shoes work fab. I wouldn’t mind seeing a short jacket with it, but anyhow. Her blow out works with this look too with the sharper lines of the outfit. Here is her skirt:

Steffy – Sheer Blue Top & Studded Boots (4.16.12)

Steffy coming to the rescue…for Hope? We aren’t surprised are we. Yeah she’s fierce but she is far from heartless. Marcus arrived there first to Miss damsel in distress, but not until we were able to catch glimpses of Steffy in her bright blue sheer top as she started making her way there. I like the simple tank underneath and I really like the pocketed wide leg pants she has on with this. And of course the studded boots (version below) is 100% Steffy. Looking good (standard). This looks like another Helmut Lang top, but I cannot find it anywhere yet. I’ll keep looking but here are some similar versions if you must have now:

Dr Barton – Bright Blouse (4.13.12)

Dr Barton is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on the show. She always has this wtf is the matter with you people kind of look on her face, and a dry and to the point ‘that is not what I said’ kind of attitude. The bright blouse she is wearing mirrors her sunny disposition, I’m just kidding she’s awesome, and the blouse is too with it’s gorgeous color. I think it is a great style for all ages and can be worn with just about anything, and any jacket (like a great leather jacket). Here it is and similar versions.