Bill – Purple Contrast Shirt (4.27.12)

Bill the power meddler. He likes things his way and he gets things his way. He’s stirring up an Aspen doozy right now with Hope/Liam/Steffy. But he’s looking mighty fine while he’s doing it! Bill definitely has a style you can count of. There’s a 99% chance you will see him wearing a shirt by the Tardieu brother’s design team of Boggose, based in Miami, FL. Bogosse means handsome; we agree. Bill’s shirt in this episode reflects the unique detailing you will find in all Bogosse designs: magenta contrast stitching, buttoned back collar, patterned inset collar…and the uber cool leather tabs at the cuffs. Bill’s purple shirt does not still appear to be available, but you can shop on the Bogosse site direct for the same style (below) and another similar version from Nordstrom.

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