Caroline – Graphic Print Skirt (4.17.12)

Sorry. I couldn’t help myself cheesing it up a little and putting the Caroline/Rick impromptu photo-shoot pic up from today’s episode. Cute though no? We are starting to see common elements in Caroline’s style, and I like it. It is not as edgy as Steffy, and not as preppy as Hope, and not as provocative as Amber…but throw them all in a blender and Caroline’s style is what might emerge. It will be fun to watch her character develop, and of course to see what she wears.

Fun outfit with the high-low hemmed skirt with the modern graphic print. I’ll call this the ‘screensaver waterfall print’. The simple tank, the gold bar necklace, long earrings, and strappy shoes work fab. I wouldn’t mind seeing a short jacket with it, but anyhow. Her blow out works with this look too with the sharper lines of the outfit. Here is her skirt:

7 thoughts on “Caroline – Graphic Print Skirt (4.17.12)

  1. I found the necklace that Caroline was wearing on 04/17/12 and in this photo shoot to be very interesting. It looks similar to the one that Steffy was wearing awhile back by Sara Samoiloff and available at Helmet Lang’s. Do you happen to have any information on Caroline’s necklace?

    • Hi Debbie, it was the first thing I noticed about the outfit, and what I like the most actually. I’m in the midst of looking for this (and the earrings) so no information just yet. I will keep you posted if I find it, and yes I agree with you it does resemble the design of Steffy’s silver one not too long ago (I liked that one too)! Thanks for checking in, I’ll talk to you soon, pamela

  2. looking for caroline spencers necklace also. episode 4/17/12. please send me email when u find info on the necklace. thanks!

  3. I have found a similar necklace by Gorjana Reidel. It is called the Taner Bar Necklace. On her web site it comes in different sizes and metal color. At – I found it for $62 with Style #GORJA20824. The necklace is 33″ long and the bar is about 2.25 inches long. The bar on Caroline’s might be a bit longer. This may not be the exact same necklace, but it is very close.

    • Hi Debbie, thanks for this! Nice find, yes it does look very similar, with the long horizontal bar. Caroline’s has that ‘sharpened on both ends’ of the bar giving it a spear like look too, but this one is nice. I’ll make a post with this over the next week, and be sure to reference your find and credit. I’m hoping to still hear back on the Real Deal (as well the disc necklace and spikes necklace she was also wearing). thanks again, pamela

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