Hope – Green Blouse/ Navy Necklace (5.22.12)

This is a throwback to 80’s preppy with the green and navy combo, which offers some whimsy…but this may be a little too matronly a look for Hope. Just saying. She is such a natural beauty and I love the necklace…You know what? I’m just going to stop talking, you be the judge. This Real Deal Talitha blouse by J Crew is sold out of this green, but it is still available in red and fuchsia. Here are also some similar necklaces as well.

Katie – Bright Blouse (5.23.12)

Nobody seems too happy about Katie being pregnant. I hate that when you give what you would expect to be good news, only to be met with the stink face. She tried; with a big bright smile, and a big bright blouse to match. But even that didn’t de-ice Brooke’s reaction to the news. I love seeing Katie in bright colors, and this one is about as high on the bright scale as you can get. I am almost positive that this Zara shirt is the Real Deal:

Brooke – Magenta Dress/ Tassel Necklace (5.22.12)

Brooke was wearing this gorgeous magenta pencil dress on the 25th anniversary episode and here it is as a repeat on this episode. Funny how a simple statement necklace can totally change the look of the dress isn’t it? As much as I love the cut, the length, the color and the step sleeves of this dress, it wasn’t available back then, and still isn’t now. But hey, why not change up the look of one of your dresses in your closet with must have tassel necklace? We saw a great version on Steffy here several weeks back, here are some other versions with this gold strand look:

Steffy – Long Sleeve Mini Dress (5.22.12)

This is why the show is called ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’. You literally have to be both to be able to be able to carry this hot little number off. Well you don’t have to be perfect, but you definitely have to be bold. How about that quasi-sheer panel? Here are some versions if you want to go for it. And if you do go for it, girllll, you’ve got my support.

Allison – Mint & Tan Wrap Dress (5.22.12)

Allison is now an official co-conspirator with Bill with their ‘borderline ethics/legal antics’ and she was entertainingly convincing doing so. She looked convincing in her wrap dress. I mentioned in my last post about her how I was happy she was moving into bold colors. Now I am equally happy she is wearing pale colors again including the season’s ‘must have mint’. I guess she can do the color spectrum. Lucky gal.

Hope – Polka Dot Dress (Italy)

Bella! You must admit not only does Hope usually look pretty in polka dots, but this style of dress is perfect for her. I can’t quite tell if her shoes are coral, red or orange, but they work perfect with the dress. Here is the Real Deal and some other versions. I threw a small capped sleeve version in there because I know not everyone likes to wear sleeveless.

Katie – Black & White Dress (5.18.12)

Don’t you just love Fridays? For so many reasons. And in the Soaps world it is like Christmas every Friday, being left with a huge gift to marinate on all weekend long. I don’t want to spoil storyline too much JUST in case you haven’t seen this episode yet. Let’s just say it involves the star of our post today and her delicate dedicated husband Bill.

Let’s get to the dress. What do you think? Here’s what I like about it. I like the draping, the asymmetry, and the very unexpected way the contrast colors work; with the black on back wrapping forward into the bodice. What I don’t like about it. I think it’s about 4 inches too short on Katie on the shortest part of the hem, and the cut is, well, kind of unusual. Unless Katie is pregnant in real life (oops I just blew the story line), then this dress seems too baggy. Maybe it is supposed to be a looser fit, if so, I’m not a huge fan. Which is unusual because I LOVE Helmut Lang, and I also love how Katie looks in just about everything. Or maybe if the fit is intended to be looser then it may work better on someone like Carolyn or Steffy. I find myself wanting to love it, but I can’t. Maybe on Monday it will grow on me. Here’s the Real Deal:

*Request* Caroline – Spike Necklace (4.24.12)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the key to finding all of Caroline’s jewelry is to find the designer. All of her accessories have this similar bold, edgy vibe. I don’t know who that is yet so I’ve only been able to find some similar styles at this point. I am not giving up hope though for the Real Deal. Here are some similar versions if you want to go tribal this summer though:

Update 7.10.12: One of our fabulous readers Laurie found the Real Deal version of this necklace!