Donna – Sweetheart Neckline Dress (1.25.13)


I will take Honey Bear over Honey Boo Boo any day. So yeah, Donna’s back, and back on the hunt for Eric and she means business. And by business I mean her dress. The dress with a sweetheart neckline discreetly showcasing her ample bosom. I was being sarcastic about the neckline, but not about her ample bosom. She looks amaze balls and I love that she’s bringing classic Donna back to the party. And give me a sheath dress with an exposed zipper up the back any time and I’m sold.

Hope – Cross Back Dress (1.18.13)


hope blue
I like what Hope has to say about environmentally and ethically created clothing at the press release. A lot. Now what do you think about the dress she’s wearing? Kind of sexy without being tawdry. Good thing for seamless undergarments. I can only find the knock off of this dress. Anyone else find The Real Deal?

Update 1/24/13: THANKS TO READER LAURIE FOR FINDING THE REAL DEAL, YOU ROCK!!! (sorry, blue is sold out)

Katie – Ruched Dress (1.23.13)


katie dress

If I went to all that trouble to get glammed up, I sure wouldn’t be walking out on my man without getting maximum reward for all of my hard work. This screen cap is deceiving because miss Katie is actually spinning on her heels saying ‘I’m outta here’. I will never harsh on Katie though, she can do no wrong, and that is partially because my personality came out as ‘Katie’ on the B&B personality quiz .

Steffy – Open Weave Sweater (1.18.13)


I hate seeing Steffy so sad. I think her new ‘condition’ has left her a little faint of heart. Which also means over-sized sweater time. I couldn’t find the exact Real Deal but here are a couple of great options. By the way, anyone else loving that Parisian apartment as much as I am?


Katie – Jade Green Blouse (1.16.13)


“Say what? You expect me to believe that old story?” The growing karats as peace offerings help turn the lies upside down though. I think Katie looks fantastic. I really do. I mean Heather Tom has already lost a bunch of baby weight, yet I’ve been holding onto an extra 10 now for a year. Okay 3 years.She looks great, and this color I think is bee-eautiful on her. Do you watch Y&R? Because Neil’s love interest, sassy Leslie, is wearing the exact same blouse today. Who wore it better?

Thanks to our reader Rick who found it first, and FAST. Sorry the green seems to be sold out.