Hope – Pastel Blue Link Bracelet (Feb 20)

What a dramatic day for miss Hope, she was infuriated by the Steffy antics, and it was all really quite entertaining. Hope was doing a lot of animated talking and hands were flying everywhere, so I couldn’t help myself from becoming fixated on her blue link bracelet. So here it is and more affordable versions. It is very fashion forward, and also check boxes one of the categories I predicted Hope to be wearing from my spring trends post.

4 thoughts on “Hope – Pastel Blue Link Bracelet (Feb 20)

  1. Can you tell me where the necklace came from that Kim is warning in this photo. She wore it again this week on the show. I LOVE IT. Thank you.
    ~ Lisa ~

  2. A bit late coming to this party, I know, but I wondered if you (or anyone else) know where the shirt Hope is wearing here comes from? Thanks!

  3. what is the name brand of navy/white stripe shirt hope has on in the february 20,2012 episode. she has all the mint green jewelry with it and if you could search and let me know, that would be great. thanks!

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