Spring 2012 Trends – Who on B&B will wear what, and you?

I know it’s still chilly out and we are all wearing our layers, but it’s time to
think about what we need to add to update our spring wardrobe. You don’t have to
buy the Gucci dress to get the look, there’s plenty of ‘Real World
versions and accessories out there to pull the season’s newest looks together. Here
are some of the trends for men and women and my predictions of who is going to wear
them on the show. Let me know if you agree or disagree? You can click on any of
the items there for more info..there’s some ‘Real Deal‘ designer
trends, but plenty of ‘Real World‘ options. Just click on the item
you like and it will take you to that particular item.


Who will be wearing? Brooke, Hope


Art Deco

Who will be wearing? Katie, Steffy, Jackie


Color Blocking/ Brights

Who will be wearing? Taylor, Steffy, Donna



Who will be wearing? Amber



Who will be wearing? Dayzee, Hope


Black & White

Who will be wearing? Katie, Pam, Stephanie



Who will be wearing? Hope, Dayzee


Wide Legs Pants

Who will be wearing? maybe…Thomas or Ridge?


Bold Colors

Who will be wearing? Marcus, Liam, Oliver

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