Hope – Hot Pink Knit Dress (2.11.13)

hope magenta

There is no shortage of Logan girl confidence this week and Hope is no exception. There is no room for…anything…in this dress. I would not have the strength to be pushing anybody while wearing this as I would have to skip breakfast, lunch, dinner, water and breath mints to wear this dress. One of my favorite colors though. A similar version…

6 thoughts on “Hope – Hot Pink Knit Dress (2.11.13)

  1. Hi!
    Van you please make a post about hopes outfit from episode 6336? She was wearing paisley skirt and bright green shirt:) or would you happen to know from where it is possible to find out from where these clothes are? Thank you 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for info 🙂 i Found the post 🙂 all The pieces seen to sold even in ebay 🙁 but i hope that in time they will show up somewhere. Thanks for great blog! The show is aired in Finland about 7 months later that in us, from this blog i Cannes spy great outfits and wear them in here before they are in tv :))

  3. Hi, I am pretty sure that Hope wore a brownish jacket with this dress. Would anyone by any chance have a photo of it?

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