Brooke – Wedding Gown (9.12.12)

Look: Brooke - Wedding Gown (9.12.12)
Yes I saw the other 5 wedding gowns, and this is my favorite. The back! Look at the back! (You’re going to have to click the item below because I only did the screen cap from the front). The gown is simple and elegant. We all know that Ridge is going to be leaving the show. At least we know that the last image he’ll have of Brooke is a beautiful one.

4 thoughts on “Brooke – Wedding Gown (9.12.12)

  1. OMG OMG who is she marrying? You have to tell me :-)). Ridge is leaving??? OK it is a bit strange but I have not like his character for the last…. well lots of years haha. He is so full of himself. Ok let me know????

    • So Tess, she is marrying Ridge…but…assuming you haven’t seen the news here lately but Ron Moss decided against renewing his contract. All sorts of speculation on how to write moving forward, but ultimately they decided to recast the character. Should be interesting….btw loving the fashions on your blog lately. I love that faux leather jacket.

      • Haha she is marrying Ridge AGAIN??? Yeah I read about that… recast the character.. that will definately be interesting…

        Thanks :-). Yes it was nice – I agree. I soooo want it!!!

        Have a great weekend!

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