Caroline – Aztec Skirt & Pink Blazer (12.8.12)

Look: Caroline - Aztec Skirt & Pink Blazer (12.8.12)
Caroline ‘Speaker of Truths’, and wearer of bandage skirts. Hey she looks good in them so why not. And this kind of blushy pinky blazer? I find myself wanting to hate it, but I think the cut of it has reeled me in. Okay and the color too. Even though I have zero (0) pale pink-ish items in my closet, I like it. I actually love the styling with the strong aztec lines of the skirt and how the lines are carried within the jacket too. Now if the jacket was black it would be very Steffy, but softening the look with the color makes it very Caroline.I found The Real Deal of the skirt and a version of the blazer.

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