Caroline – Tweed & Faux Leather Jacket (12.27.12)

Look: Caroline - Tweed & Faux Leather Jacket (12.27.12)
Caroline is looking very serious and all business these days. She wants to win this competition. I wonder what the Vegas betting line is looking like for team Taylor/ Thomas vs team Brooke/ Rick. Speaking of lines, Caroline is wearing Zara again, a fast fashion line I don’t believe in personally. I’ve kept my mouth shut but it keeps popping up lately. This item is sold out but you can find one on ebay.

Here’s a varsity version by Derek Lam.

2 thoughts on “Caroline – Tweed & Faux Leather Jacket (12.27.12)

  1. Hi. I was just wondering why you don’t believe in the fashion brand Zara? I love their designs and they don’t have too bad of prices. Did you have a bad experience with them? Just curious…every girl wants quality for what they pay for. 😉

    • Hi Leandra. I am with you that I want quality clothes, and I want them to be fashionable. Zara certainly makes modern designs, and at a reasonable cost, but my personal issues with them are how they ultimately they get these clothes to us. They’ve been sued by designer brands for knocking off their designs, which I think questions their ethics. But more importantly I’ve read reports of complaints about the poor factory conditions where their clothes are manufactured, and with people not making a living wage. Most recently I read this article stating that they use hazardous chemicals to manufacture their clothes, which affect the environment, the workers and the customer…with these chemicals on the clothes when we buy them. . On the plus side, Zara is aware that they are producing toxic clothes and are committed to fixing this over the next 7 years. Having said that I will still report what B&B is dressing the gals in, but for me personally, I am looking a lot closer at my own buying decisions. If it means I spend a little more, and maybe buy a few items less this year, but the clothes were mindfully made, then I am good with that. And I certainly don’t want to be a total downer on my site that is intended to be fun,…but I struggle with promoting them. B&B picks a lot of great brands who do have a solid supply chain, I wish they would pick more of those, or re-style their existing wardrobe; which is also inspiring for us gals on a limited budget. Happy New Year, and sorry for the delay in response, the holidays were a bit hectic. Feel free to contact me anytime, warm regards, pamela

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