Steffy – Border Sweater (4.30.13)

Look: Steffy - Border Sweater (4.30.13)
I knew the second I saw this sweater that it must be Helmut Lang. Love the asymmetric hem, the sheer panels, the contrast borders. Great all season transitional piece. And I already told you I’m carrying a lot of clothes featured on the show in my new boutique ‘iona‘, Helmut Lang is one of the lines I am carrying. Unfortunately I’m not opening for a few months so have to buy this gem elsewhere. Before anyone asks, no I did not find the lariat necklace, she wore this in an episode some time ago and couldn’t find it then.

Steffy – Cowl Sweater (4.24.13)

Look: Steffy - Cowl Sweater (4.24.13)
Guess I was wrong. I predicted that Steffy is so cool, that she can even wear a sweater backwards and make it look amazing. Before I even got a chance to look for it, Bam! Wrong!Reader Find right back at me! Laurie is proving to win the speed rounds in reader vs author rounds. Nice work girl! Here it is. Oh and yes, Steffy is wearing those great K/LLER earrings again, more info here.

Taylor – Lace Dress (4.19.13)

Look: Taylor - Lace Dress (4.19.13)
This might be one of my top 10 Taylor all time looks. The dress fits her beautifully, and the color on her is divine. And I absolutely love her hair in makeup in this look. Gorgeous. So The Real Deal is only available now in red it seems. But if you love the color I listed another option.