Steffy – Quill Earrings (4.17.13)

Look: Steffy - Quill Earrings (4.17.13)
I love these earrings and this line of jewelry so much (K/LLER Collection), that I am actually opening up a boutique iona and the online version of what’s in the boutique . I’m serious and I’m plugging even though I’m not quite open yet. However I do have these earring in stock (again, because I love them so much), so if you would like them, shoot me an email . No charge for shipping.I’ll be planning some fun give-aways in the months ahead for Soaps Style readers. But in the meantime, let me know if you would like these gorgeous earrings.

And btw…very happy to see Steffy back. I’m looking for the top, will get back to you on that.

Steffy – Swimsuit Cover Up (4.13.13)

Look: Steffy - Swimsuit Cover Up (4.13.13)
Steffy and her baby bump are so cute. I wish I looked that cute on a skinny day. Fun cover up with the metallic and the print. Whenever I see cute cover ups it reminds me it might be time to replace my ugly tank top and shorts as my cover up of choice. Is it also ok for me to point out that the marketing team at Vitamin A (the designer of The Real Deal of this piece), have a naughty sense of humor in naming this piece?

Dayzee – Lace Back Dress (4.11.13)

Look: Dayzee - Lace Back Dress (4.11.13)
What’s up with Dayzee being all territorial and all huh? Her and Caroline fueling the fire, quite a departure from her otherwise perfect personality. It actually makes me feel a little better about myself, that saint Dayzee is actually, human, with dare I say , flaws?…. Cute maxi dress for spring/ summer. This color would look great with a denim or white jean jacket. Although the lace back is worth exposing as much as possible.

Caroline – Leather Piping Peplum Dress (4.11.13)

Look: Caroline - Leather Piping Peplum Dress (4.11.13)
Caroline is my new favorite character, and Linsey G is my new fave actress. She plays the mean girl sass so well, with her exaggerated mannerisms, it just gives me a good laugh mid-day. And you know already what I am going to say about her outfit though. Noooooooo peplummmmm. Can’t take it. She’s gorgeous, looks good in everything, so how about something non-peplum. I couldn’t find the Real Deal with the leather piping, but the silhouette looks awfully close to this Alice + Olivia dress no? 

Caroline – Black Sheer Sleeve Blouse & Pencil Skirt (3.28.13)

Look: Caroline - Black Sheer Sleeve Blouse & Pencil Skirt (3.28.13)
Caroline is taking the mean girl ‘tude to a whole new level. If she wasn’t so funny I would be cursing at the screen, but she really is. I love how she can’t/ won’t get Maya’s name straight: Maria, Mariah, Mona…Anyhow, I couldn’t find The Real Deal of this high waist-ed pencil skirt, did you? Let me know and I’ll post. Found a similar blouse (with the V neck and sheer sleeves) and a similar skirt.  The blouse actually may be The Real Deal, but as you can tell by my craptastic screen cap, I haven’t been able to get a real good look.