Steffy – Quill Earrings (4.17.13)

Look: Steffy - Quill Earrings (4.17.13)
I love these earrings and this line of jewelry so much (K/LLER Collection), that I am actually opening up a boutique iona and the online version of what’s in the boutique . I’m serious and I’m plugging even though I’m not quite open yet. However I do have these earring in stock (again, because I love them so much), so if you would like them, shoot me an email . No charge for shipping.I’ll be planning some fun give-aways in the months ahead for Soaps Style readers. But in the meantime, let me know if you would like these gorgeous earrings.

And btw…very happy to see Steffy back. I’m looking for the top, will get back to you on that.

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