Steffy – Studded Biker Jacket (8.14.12)

Look: Steffy - Studded Biker Jacket (8.14.12)
…And the fun doesn’t end there Liam, just get on back behind ’cause you’re going for a ride! Is that a road approved motorcycle jacket? Who cares, because it looks bad ass. The Real Deal is by Zara, thanks to our reader Kristen who let us know it’s available in store. I found one one ebay too. There’s another similar one you can buy online at Zara The other option on the bottom is a vegan biker jacket for those of you who do not wear leather.

2 thoughts on “Steffy – Studded Biker Jacket (8.14.12)

  1. The Real Deal is from Zara as well it’s just not on their website, but if you go into their store it is there. Where I am it is priced at $99.

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