Hope – Oxblood & Paisley (2.5.13)


Hope wants to be the IT girl with Liam and with HFTF (that’s the new cool way to say Hope for the Future FYI…I learned that from Hope), so it’s a good thing she is wearing the IT color of the season (oxblood). You guys are going to freak out on me because I can’t find the Real Deal. My delicate sensibilities can’t take the¬†disappointment, so I’ll have to stay away from twitter for a while. I’m kidding, I can take it, but sorry for the no find, this is the best I could do.

2/15/13 Reader Find Update! Thanks to Laura H who spoke with Kim Matula, who thought it was a Zara dress. Looks to be sold out. Everyone loved it it’s sold out, Sorry.

10 thoughts on “Hope – Oxblood & Paisley (2.5.13)

  1. I talked to Kim Matula and she said that she was pretty sure this dress was by Zara. (She said that she LOVED it too!) I have been looking on their websie and have yet to find it but maybe with two (or more) sets of eyes we will prevail!!

  2. Hi Pamela, Hope wore a brown leather bracelet watch with this dress. I will greatly appreciate it if you could find it! Thanks so much for your time!

    • Hi Em, I was never successful finding the exact watch. This was the closest I was able to findhttp://www.zappos.com/anne-klein-ak-1192chbn-champagne-brown?utm_source=shopstyle

      I found an Hermes one and it was in the thousands, so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that one. Although I wish I had it!

  3. Hi. I really love Kim’s blue green lacy shirt on last week’s episodes (April 8-12)… Can you please help me find one like that? Thanks!

    • Hi Danielle, I’m afraid not. No the Rag & bone one is not the Real Deal. I did see that the dress is still available at Zara. Sorry!

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