I confess, one of my guilty pleasures is watching The Bold and the Beautiful. One of the reasons I watch this soap is because I love the fashions and the accessories of the actors. I often find myself wondering ‘where can I buy that?’

This website is the result of that question. I figured if I’m looking for these fashions, then I’m sure others must be wondering the exact same thing. I do my best to research and find the actual outfit the actor is wearing, or the Real Deal option. If I can’t find the original, or if it is very expense, I try to find similar and less expensive versions called the Real World option.

I cannot guarantee inventory of these items. I conduct my searches generally around the time of the episode airing.

I do not work for CBS or the show itself, so I do not have any affiliation with them at all. I do however think they produce some terrific shows and that their wardrobe teams and stylists do an exceptional job. So much so that I keep wanting to buy the clothes.

If you have any particular items that you’d like for me to research, let me know and I would be happy to do my best to find it for you. Feel free to send me a private message, or post a comment with your request.

Thanks for reading! Pdub

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  1. hi there! i noticed you are participating in frock stock’s march of the bloggers as well! thought i’d come visit your site! i just love your blog! i look forward to seeing what you share!


    • Hello madisoncary, mutual adoration club then because your blog is great, looking forward to seeing your post too. Love your content and colors. Funny I was going to check out the other bloggers participating as well, I think I will get on it. Thanks for taking the time to reach out! pamela

  2. I love the black leather jacket and black blazer Steffy wore recently.

    Would you be able to find them? Thank you !!

    • Hi, thanks for the request. I would be happy to, do you know approximately how long ago she wore them? I recall a leather jacket at the end of January? And was the blazer over the past few weeks?

    • I know the black blazer you are referring to I think from Feb 9 week, where she was wearing the bullet necklace with it. I will look for that and the leather jacket from just prior to that. Thanks for the inquiry

  3. Do you know where to buy steffys blue blouse that she wore 6/6/12 and 6/7/12 because i love it but i cant find it anywhere!!!

  4. I”m so happy we think the same on the wardrobe of B&B just watched June 13 2012 and the 14th Brooke had on a dark wine or brown one piece swimsuit with a wraparound her hips while her and Ridge were looking for the big OLIVE loved the outfit especially the swimsuit any ideas on where to get

  5. Steffy from B and B is wearing spike earrings. I really want to buy them. Anyone know who makes them?

  6. Hello, I love the bold nd the beautiful and the fashion and accessories. Friday Steffy wore coral weather looking bracelets that I love and want to know where to find them. It was Friday July 27, 2012 while he was in her office looking at the picture of her and Liam.

    Thank you,

  7. I just HAVE to have the green multi-strand necklace Hope wore 8/1 and on previous episodes with the black shirt. I have done some searching with no luck so if you can help at all I’d be grateful!!

  8. On the August 8, 9 & 10, 2012, Steffy was carrying this great leather tote with stud edging. I also noticed Dayzee with a similar bag in August 7, 8 & 9. Dayzee’s was a light camel color and Steffy’s was a dark chocolate color with brass studs around sides and bottom? Thank you, Terry.

    • Hi Terry, I’ve been on the lookout for these bags for a while now. The closest I’ve been able to find to date are these two from an earlier july post on Dayzee http://soapsstyle.com/?p=2352
      I’ll keep you posted if I eventually find the real deals. Thanks again for reading, pamela

  9. Hi! I am desperately seeking the dress Steffy had on the past 3 episodes when she is talking to (and kissing) Liam. It looks like a blue spaghetti strap maxi dress with some graphic down the side and anround the waist! Your help is appreciated.

  10. I am a huge huge huge Steffy fan and I love all her outfits, accessories and hairstyles. I just found ur website and I absolutely luv it. Thanks so much ur awesome…..

  11. I watch B&B faithfully and I love how Bill Spencer Jr. (Don Diamont’s character) dresses, particularly his shirts. ANY info you can get me on where I could buy those shirts would be great. Thx.


  12. Hi I watch the show, & love some there clothes, especially Steffy’s long blue panel dress, my daughter loved it. But, have you found Brooke’s red dress for the wedding that didn’t happen. Thx let me know have a nice day!

    • Hi Tina! Thanks for checking in. You know I never was able to find that keyhole long red dress. Sorry. And quite honestly I didn’t find much in the way of similar items. Let me check again and see if I can find it. You have a great day too! pamela

  13. Hi there! Love your blog! I am looking for steffie’s black leather jacket with the silver studs and zipper that she was wearing when she was with liam at venice beach and at his house in Malibu! Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah, I am so happy that you enjoy the site, thank you for the kind words. Here is the jacket Steffy was wearing, I made a post on it when she first wore it. http://soapsstyle.com/?p=2963
      You can search all of Steffy’s looks if you go to the home page, click on ‘Bold and Beautiful characters’ on the right hand side, then ‘steffy. You can also type in key words in search area like ‘studded jacket’ .

      As far is this jacket exactly is concerned, it is available in-store from Zara. If there isn’t a store in your location, you may be able to call them to ship it to you. Otherwise I found one on ebay as well as a few similar that you can purchase online. Thanks again for reading! Have a great long weekend, warm regards, Pamela

  14. I just love ur website, I am the biggest Steffy and her portrayer JMW fan ever. Plz whatever you have of her or find plz send it’s to me πŸ™‚ thanks somw much.

    • Hi Mayra, thanks for the kind words, so happy you love the site. I agree JMW, and Steffy have such great style on and off screen. I promise there will be many Steffy posts in the future. If you go to the home page of Soaps Style, and look under ‘Categories’ on the right hand side, then click ‘Bold and the Beautiful Characters’, then click ‘Steffy’, you can see all the posts I’ve made about her to date. Thanks again, have a wonderful weekend, warm regards, pamela

  15. Hi
    I loved the black dress that Pamela wore on October 5 and 8. I t had inserts of pink and other colours both in the front and back. I hope you can find it.
    Thanks, Audrey

  16. Hi I think it’s great you can find what the soap stars are wearing. I’d like to know where I’d be able to find the shirt Steffy is wearing from the 11-9-2012 episode.

    • Thanks Heather I’m glad you like the site. Steffy’s shirt… I’m actually on the hunt for it now, I’ll keep you posted! pamela

  17. Loved the boots Steffy wore with her wedding dress…Where do you suppose I could get them or something similar? I’ve burnt out my laptop searching!!!

  18. LOVED the boots Steffy wore with her wedding dress ~ I’ve just about burnt out my laptop searching for them or something similar!!! Where can I find them? Love her style.

    • Hi Beth, I have not been able to find this top! I mistakenly thought I would find it with ease, but no such luck yet. I’ll keep you posted! thanks for reading, pamela

  19. Hi, you are doing a wonderful job finding all the clothes that the actors wear during the episodes, I watch the young and the restless and the bold and the beautiful religiously. I love most of the ladies styles. thank you.

  20. I really like the dress (Linsey Godfrey) Caroline Spencer wore on 5/3/2013 episode. If possible could you tell me the designer and or where I could purchase it. Thanks for your help.

  21. I wrote you on your FB site also – so my apologies for the duplication….do you know where I could purchase the same earrings which Hope wore on April 14 (I think) when she wore her hair up and was in the teal cut out dress? I would so LOVE to have a pair of them. I have looked on multiple jewelry sites, but have not found any that are even similar – they are hoops with gem stones in the lower inside part of the hoop – it looks like they are on a hook with a chain to the hoop.

    Thank You in advance for your help with this!! You are amazing about finding all of the dresses, earrings, etc. that you find!!!! Susan

    • Hi Susan, sorry I am still trying, jewelry can be so hard to find sometimes (as you know),. I haven’t had luck but if i find them I will let you know, thanks! pamela

  22. hello, where have you been? are you going to post new items soon? hope all is well. miss seeing the fashions from b&b. thanks

  23. I am trying to find out where the the baby blue blouse and white pants that Brooke wore on The Bold and Beautiful 06/01/16.

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