Steffy – Deco Print Top (2.6.13)


Steffy. Steffy!!! Dust him! Stop being so damn reasonable and tell him to blow it out his ear (just replace all that corniness with expletives). He’ll come running back. And then dust him again. No one likes flim- flam. I hate flim- flam. But I love deco inspired stuff though and this top is no exception. Why can’t I find it? Dunno why, but here are some amazing options.

Steffy – Open Weave Sweater (1.18.13)


I hate seeing Steffy so sad. I think her new ‘condition’ has left her a little faint of heart. Which also means over-sized sweater time. I couldn’t find the exact Real Deal but here are a couple of great options. By the way, anyone else loving that Parisian apartment as much as I am?


Steffy – Asymmetric Dress & Foldover Clutch (12.27.12)

Look: Steffy - Asymmetric Dress & Foldover Clutch (12.27.12)
Here’s an outfit I vote for in ‘best of’ category. An edgy, asymmetric neckline by Helmut Lang with the hot pink foldover clutch by Clare Vivier. ‘Best of’ because they look great, and two brands I believe in. The hot pink doesn’t look to be available anymore, but she has a bunch of different other pinks and colors to look at. Here’s the link Clare Vivier.

Steffy – Quilted Shoulder Jacket (12.19.12)

Look: Steffy - Quilted Shoulder Jacket
If I had these pants I would be wearing them as much as possible too. Remember these pants from a year ago, by Isabel Marant Fall 2011 RTW? I wanted this screen cap because I wanted to share the styling of the whole outfit. But if you get a closer look at the jacket, you’ll see some quilting detail on the shoulder. Not a color we would normally expect to see on Steffy, but then again not sure there is a color JMW looks bad in.

Steffy – Hi-Lo Turtleneck Sweater (12.7.12)

Look: Steffy - Hi-Lo Turtleneck sweater (12.7.12)
The outfit has toned down over the last one but Steffy has def not. Nice strong lines with this sweater. You would think you would need to be a 6 footer to wear this (I tried it on my last Nordstrom trip), but Steffy proves a petite gal can carry it off too. I think the piping adds the extra cool factor and also makes it look more defined and… well…like the expensive item it is. And fyi I didn’t buy it; me and cropped sweaters stopped loving each other about 15 years ago.

Steffy – Studded Shoulder Blazer

Look: Steffy - Studded Shoulder Blazer

Are Steffy and Liam stopping at the party on their way to a Heart concert? Come on I’m not the only one thinking this was very 80’s kind of glam rock looking. Big hair included. Here is The Real Deal if you want to try the look yourself. And if you don’t know the band Heart you should Google it, and you’ll see the resemblance. I embedded a photo anyhow, couldn’t help myself.

Steffy – Grey Knit Biker Jacket (11.20.12)

Look: Steffy - Grey Knit Biker Jacket (11.20.12)
From the beach to the boardroom. I wish I could transition that fast and look that good. Looks like Steffy is on side with the Thomas’ “update Forrester to the 21st Century”. Can’t say I disagree, just wish I was one of the tech consultants getting in that 10 million $$ project that Thomas did all the research for…in 5 hours.I’m pretty sure The Real Deal on this jacket is by Zara, but looks to be sold out. Here is one in black. I’ve also included a few similar styles in a grey knit. I like the biker jacket look in a knit don’t you?

Steffy – Leather Jacket & Striped Maxi Skirt (10.30.12)

Look: Steffy - Leather Jacket & Striped Maxi Skirt (10.30.12)
Is it a Hawaii outfit, or is it an Aspen outfit, or is it both? Girl comes prepared for anything! A long maxi with an easy tank, and a K/LLER necklace and you have a laid back but cool Hawaii travel look. But a cool chick always has her leather jacket on standby. Hello Aspen. Hello drama. What a strange 4-some. Here are the items to get Steffy’s look: