Katie – Long Cardigan (3.29.13)

Look: Katie - Long Cardigan (3.29.13)
Katie is back and not backing down. From Bill or from Brooke. And she’s back in stilettos and working back to the little waist again. Layers of jersey work and look great in monochromatic shades. And comfortable. I do like the styling with the thick belt, but I think if the cardigan was pulled just a few inches closer together at waist and below I would like this even more. Anyhow, looks like a great closet staple.

Brooke – Drop Shoulder V Neck Sweater (2.27.13)

Look: Brooke - Drop Shoulder V Neck Sweater (2.27.13)
Things are getting awfully cozy in the consoling cabin. This can’t go well for anyone involved especially Brooke. At least she’s cozy in this sweater too, she might want to hang onto it, as it may be the only thing comforting her in the future. I found the Real Deal, but not in this color anymore. But it is on sale, so that’s a bonus.

Steffy -Deco print top part 2 (2.6.13)

steffyI decided to just write a whole new post for this top. Reader Find!Thanks to our readers Frances and Robin for finding the Real Deal of this top. It is by Helmut Lang, and maybe the asymmetrical hemline should have been a give-away. It has a leather applique deco like pattern on top and it is just so beautiful and cool. On my wish list. Thank you gals!

Steffy – Deco Print Top (2.6.13)


Steffy. Steffy!!! Dust him! Stop being so damn reasonable and tell him to blow it out his ear (just replace all that corniness with expletives). He’ll come running back. And then dust him again. No one likes flim- flam. I hate flim- flam. But I love deco inspired stuff though and this top is no exception. Why can’t I find it? Dunno why, but here are some amazing options.