Donna – Logan Girls Wedding Party (Feb 10)

Jersey wrap with long sleeves, in a dark navy cocktail length dress. I like it. I think this would be a flattering cut on many body types. Long sleeves for older ladies who do not like showing arms. Gathering in the right spots to hide our imperfections like a little tummy. An embellished waist that slims you in the right spots. Nice one.

Hope – Logan Girls Wedding Party (Feb 10)

We were left with a cliffhanger on Friday, not even knowing if Hope’s wedding is going to happen. We will find out soon enough, but in the meantime, here’s some posts showing what the sisters were wearing:

The Bride to be. Hope’s original creation by Eric/ Ridge Forrester actually looks like it is the J Crew version below with a sequin belt put over top. I like the halter and princess skirt.

Marcus – Green & Navy Sweater (Feb 9)

This photo doesn’t do Marcus or the sweater justice. Marcus is a hottie, and this looks like he is wearing a slim fit cashmere sweater. It looks very much like a Zegna or Loro Piana sweater, some of the best cashmere out there. The navy and green certainly has some nautical RL, Hilfiger feel to it. The actual color is more vibrant on TV and looks so gorgeous on his skin. There are a few options out there to consider:

Hope – Jewel neck dress (Feb 7)

Hope looks like an Egyptian princess in this dress, and she’s acting like a bit of a princess too with her ‘I want to get married tomorrow!!’ campaign. Just sayin. The copper beading and sparkle at the neck and hem looks chic on the black dress. The jewel neck line with the, well, jeweling is very pretty. It’s a short one though, so beware. It would be a cute day dress with some strappy flats, but also a sassy evening number with some heels.

Here are some similar options

Brooke – Ruffle Top (Feb 7)

Brooke is on a roll this week defending Hope, wowza. She means business and can be taken seriously in her dark business outfit, but she loses credibility a bit with those horrible green pants. If they weren’t so ill fitting, they just maybe would work. I liked where they were going with the black on primary color….it just didn’t work. Anyhow, I’ll focus on the upper half. Her underpinning has a nice ruffle which breaks up the harshness of the structured blazer. I like that the ruffle isn’t too overwhelming so it doesn’t completely take over. It’s just enough ruffle that I think it could be worked with many different outfits.  It would look pretty with a pencil skirt and cardigan, or with some jeans and a bunch of bangles and heels.

Liam – Purple Shirt (Feb 7)

It takes a real man to wear summer shades, and Liam is certainly in the man up mode picking the woman he really wants to be with (whether we like it or not). Although this is a spring/summer color, the shade is dark enough to be all-season, especially for the LA climate.

I love it when guys wear more feminine colors like this. It is so much more chick appealing than what his Dollar Bill Spencer dad wears, with the never ending black, ugly cuff shirts. This purple shirt has a nice slim fit,with two front pockets with detail pleating within. Thumbs up for Liam with this shirt.

No more purple with this John Varvatos shirt, but if you like the style, here you go:

Steffy- Fringe Sweater (Feb 6)

(Update 3.8) While researching some other outfits I came across the original of this sweater by french designer Isabel Marant

The sweater is no longer available, but the spring line looks actually very interesting so hopefully we will see Steffy in some of her designs.

I can’t make this blog all about me and what I like, because if I did this ‘hideous sweater award recipient’ would never make the cut. It is unusual though and I’m sure people would like to know where to buy it. Steffy looks very sad here, some say it’s because of her breakup with Liam, I think it’s because of her sweater.

Speaking of sad, I am sad to report I searched for hours, literally hours trying to find this beauty, with no luck. Maybe it’s a sample that never made it to production. However…I do like the nordic or native large scale print over the bulk knit. I’ll be honest though, I hate the fringe. It may work for some though, so maybe you can embellish it yourself with a Sunday craft project on one of these real world options. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.