Dayzee – Studded Tote (7.12.12)

I have a problem, and that problem is that I like big bags. I also tend to fill them up with so much crap they end up weighing 45 pounds on my left shoulder. This bag that Dayzee is toting would therefore fit right into my wheelhouse. I don’t know what the Real Deal bag is out there in the retail land of zillions of bag, but I would like to put this Valentino version on my wish list:

Hope – White Dress (7.12.12)

What is it again? ‘The Perfect Wedding Hope for the Future’ line? I just don’t know. Here’s what I do know. And that is sometimes the smallest detail can turn simple into spectacular. Like the slit in the shoulders of this dress. Or the tiny gold button also on the shoulders. Or the fact that this isn’t a revealing dress at all but has major impact. Hope looks great, and love the straight hair with the dress. I wouldn’t hate to see a sleek pony to highlight the shoulders though either. Here are some similar styles. Drop me a message if you find the Real Deal.

Steffy – Leopard Print Dress (7.10.12)

Update 7.13.12: One of our readers Frances spied this dress as the same one in her closet, and kindly corrected me as to the Real Deal designer, by Etoile Isabel Marant. Thanks Frances! Info listed below

It must be genetic, because Steffy is becoming the utmost voice of reason…of everything and for everyone. Hopefully it’s just a phase. Thankfully she hasn’t lost her wild side when it comes to her fashion sense though. That was so cliche wasn’t it? Anyways, I can’t nail it every time. I think I’m pretty close to nailing the Real Deal here with the dress though, but again…I’m a little off. The dress Steffy is wearing shows more of a scoop neck and back, with black piping. The one I am showing below from musician, songstress Lily Allen’s label ‘Lucy in Disguise’ (cute name) has some slight deviations. Could possibly be from the same line. I’ve also included a version from Zac Posen’s more affordable line called Z Spoke, because, well, I just really like Zac Posen, and the dress.

Taylor – Tulip Print Skirt (7.10.12)

Don’t you love watching Taylor and Brooke throw the quips and daggers at each other? After all these years they are so good at it.

The little silk shell that Taylor is wearing is a simple, perfect match with the large scale tulip print skirt. Taylor pulls off the look effortlessly, and I’m glad the skirt has that extra attention in the waist, it really defines the shape elegantly.

Dayzee – Patchwork Dress (7.9.12)

Marcus dear boy, don’t blow it. Two years? Two years until a wedding, with Thomas in the sidelines? Doesn’t seem like Dayzee is too thrilled about it either, but how about the sass in her step confronting Thomas about the ‘hotness’ comment. Well duh, check her out in her sassy little cut-out, patchwork dress with leather detailing. C’mon Marcus…

Steffy – Paint Splash Mini Dress (7.3.12)

This should be called the coffee splash dress, not the paint splash dress. In any case, I couldn’t find the Real Deal after a long search. One of our readers Kelly found this version of it, which is the same print, and I am going to guess it is the same designer too, just with alterations to it or it is an earlier version of the dress? I actually prefer this looser version with pockets, but then again if I had a body like Steffy, I’d opt for the snug version too. Oh and everyone is asking about the earrings….they look like the same line that Caroline has been seen wearing, doesn’t it (designer still a mystery)? I’ve included a similar pair.

Dayzee – Athletic Top (7.4.12)

If you are looking for some new athletic gear and you haven’t tried Lululemon before, I highly recommend their clothing. This innovative Canadian company makes the most interesting, functional, and innovative designs…and it’s all just really cool looking. Check out the thumb holes. But if you like something, act fast, as they are renowned for making small batches of designs and colors. So if you like this top, you better move…but this exact color seems to be gone (surprise, surprise). Thanks to our (obviously cool) reader Nicole for finding this first:

Steffy – Skull Ring (7.3.12)

Ok so this one is missing the mandible, but it still is clearly a bad a$$ skull ring. Plus if the ring had the entire jaw it would look too scary anyhow. This way it just looks more…Steffy. You can find lots of skull jewelry out there by the likes of Pamela Love, Alexander McQueen and even by the designer of Bill’s sword necklace Ugo Ciaccitore. (Btw, those highlighted links are totally worth clicking on in you are in serious research for skull jewelry). Anyhow, while I was wading through millions (okay maybe many thousands) of items of skull jewelry I could not find this exact one that Steffy was wearing, but here is a similar version: