Steffy -Ikat Skirt (10.16.12)

Look: Steffy -Ikat Skirt (10.16.12)
Somebody seems happy. Having her nooner makeout session with her new (again) boyfriend. I was a little surprised by the outfit, but not disappointed. It seems to be just a slight departure from her usual style, but the Steffy elements are there like the bright bra with the sheer T. And Ikat prints are very much on trend so I guess this does make sense. I couldn’t find The Real Deal of the skirt. Any of you guys? Let me know and I will be happy to give you credit. In the meantime, here is what I have found on the market if you want to try a similar look

Hope – Red Shorts & Polka Dot Blouse (10.16.12)

Look: Hope - Red Shorts & Polka Dot Blouse (10.16.12)
I know that sad panda face so well now. Poor Hope. Not even a cheery print can lighten her spirits. We first saw Hope wear The Real Deal of this polka dot blouse by J Crew here back in April. The black and white one seems to be sold out, but it is available in blue tones. I have included another similar one that is on the market now. Also the red skort looking shorts have an exposed side zipper, and I just can’t seem to find The Real Deal, so I have included a couple similar versions. I haven’t seen her footwear yet to see how this all ties together, but I like the red with the blouse and the long necklace. Guesses on the shoe before next airing when we will hopefully see? Nude wedge? Black pumps?

Taylor – Peplum Sweater (10.16.12)

“I told you so” is what she’s thinking. A mother is always (usually) right, and I think Steffy would agree. I wonder how elated Taylor will be when she hears about Brooke and Ridge. In any case, I would be happy too with a little peplum in my wardrobe. You would think that it would exaggerate the typical trouble spots, but it is actually very flattering and totally on trend. But that’s our Doc. Diggin Taylor’s hair lately too, she looks lovely.

Steffy – ‘Leather’ pants (10.10.12)

Look: Steffy -
I think these might be the same bad ass chick pants Steffy wore on her motorcycle. If they are, then The Real Deal are by All Saints. We only caught a glimpse of these this week, so this is the best I could do for a screen cap…if we get a better look next week I’ll let you know and update. I have included a Helmut Lang pair. And there’s a ‘faux’ leather pair below for my vegan friends too.

Hope – Ruffle Blouse (10.10.12)

I should teach this girl to play poker because she sure can keep a poker face. She held her own just fine confronting and bantering with Steffy, and her tough sarcasm was actually quite fun to watch. I’m also enjoying her fall wardrobe; her oxblood pants with this blood orange ruffle blouse. Why am I using so many blood descriptions? I don’t know maybe I’m foreshadowing things to come. Here are some similar options.

Hope – Snake Print Skirt (10.1.12)

Hope is not going to be happy when all of those lies get revealed. But she’s toughening up and she’s looking pretty and tough in her snake print skirt. What a well done styling for this print. It is a great pencil fit and a good length that is age appropriate for everyone. To go out at night, wear with a white tank and a crop leather jacket.