Hope – Red Lace Dress (11.12.12)

Look: Hope - Red Lace Dress (11.12.12)
Hope looks fantastic in red lace without looking all Frederick’s of Hollywood. Although I think the thought has crossed Liam’s mind if there might be some of that under all that dress. Oh Liam. Look to your left, look to your left, Steffy is no happy about your little chit chat. There are a few dresses like this on the market, but The Real Deal of this one is by Free People. It has that front scallop hemline that I caught a glimpse of but it was not a good enough screen cap to show how pretty Hope looks.

Brooke – Camel Sweater (11.5.12)

Look: Brooke - Camel Sweater (11.5.12)
Brooke and Bill strolling the streets of Aspen. This is kind of freaking me out. I’ll get beyond that and focus on Brooke’s cozy, window shopping kind of outfit. Monochromatic works on Brooke proving that same tones can work and look great. Just don’t do same tone denim and sport the Canadian tuxedo (as it is called). For the record I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Canadian in said tuxedo. Here is a couple of affordable versions on her sweater to get the look. What is that splotch on here arm? Did anyone else notice? Must have been raining or I don’t know…I’m sure you all have some creative & funny ideas.

Steffy – Leather Jacket & Striped Maxi Skirt (10.30.12)

Look: Steffy - Leather Jacket & Striped Maxi Skirt (10.30.12)
Is it a Hawaii outfit, or is it an Aspen outfit, or is it both? Girl comes prepared for anything! A long maxi with an easy tank, and a K/LLER necklace and you have a laid back but cool Hawaii travel look. But a cool chick always has her leather jacket on standby. Hello Aspen. Hello drama. What a strange 4-some. Here are the items to get Steffy’s look: