Brooke – Wrap Front/ Open Back Blouse (3.15.13)

Look: Brooke - Wrap Front/ Open Back Blouse (3.15.13)
It has been a while since I’ve seen Brooke’s play the darker manipulative role again and I like it! Did you catch a glimpse of the back of this blouse before she took it off for her lingerie re-intro, photo bombing? I mean runway bombing of Thomas’ meeting? Well it’s a cool open back. Here you go (although the blue seems to be sold out…) 

Hope – Cold Shoulder Top (3.9.13)

Look: Hope - Cold Shoulder Top (3.9.13)
Oh Hope I know it’s sad, but Oliver is right around the corner. And he will think you are adorable in your cozy outfit with your knee socks pulled high. I was wearing something similar the other day, well maybe one of my socks was flopping at the toes a little. Must have been since the reaction from my husband was laughter followed by “Hold on Cindy Lou from Whoville, let me get my camera.” Much cuter on Hope. Here are similar versions to the top.