Hope- Fringe Trim Jacket (4.13.12)

Hope has moved into happier times; out of her sadness therapy clothes and into her happy therapy outfit. Who doesn’t like a Chanel-esque style jacket with fringe piping? I like how the model below is wearing it with jeans, but Hope does a good job with the blue slim pants,white tank, classic pumps, and layers of long silver chains. I think Coco would be ok with this Hope look. Here is her jacket:

Amber – Crochet Dress (4.13.12)

This can’t possibly end well for Amber. She sells a good story, but then dear oh dear her ill intended good deeds always come back to haunt her. Kind of like her outfit, the intention was kind of good but did it work out well? The crochet mini dress by Theory is so interesting and unique, but with the black tights and short boots, and purse? Maybe tights and a higher boot for fall with some great scarf, but for spring…why not just a fun bootie or a colored platform shoe….the jury is out with her combo. I love the dress though, here it is if you want to try it for yourself and a less expensive version

Brooke – Flower Bracelet (4.13.12)

I think Brooke’s agent in real life should get her a gig as muse/model for Hermes or Ralph Lauren. Tell me she doesn’t own this outfit with classic Ralph Lauren elements, combined with the look of a little Escada and then some Marc Jacobs whimsy with her bracelet. I couldn’t help but keep following the bracelet like a cat watching a moving toy. I think it’s just a clever bracelet to put on with an outfit where you would expect to see a large gold link or rope style bracelet to match her necklace (boring). I’m so glad the stylists went with this lovely instead. Here is the bracelet if you want to try it with your own wardrobe:

Donna – Flower Necklace (4.13.12)

Hello Donna! Welcome back we missed you. Although you might of bummed out a few people with your ‘I have millions of dollars, I’m bored, can I have a job?’ And…done. Anyhow, since we are on the flower accessory kick this episode, why not acknowledge Donna’s delicate bloom necklace today. It’s a pretty one. I don’t know who the Real Deal is by, but here are some similar options:

Taylor – Light Grey Blouse (4.11.12)

You would expect to see this style of blouse on Hope, but Taylor wears it beautifully. This ultra feminine blouse is a refreshing look on Taylor who has been weighed down by heavy fabrics and colors the last few times we have seen her. The gathering at the shoulder and hem of the short sleeves adds such a pretty detail, and the tie collar is perfect. I am so happy there isn’t any necklace with this, there is enough detail in the blouse. A simple stud earring is all this blouse needs. She is wearing it as a day look with a dark slim line skirt (perfect), but this could also work with that DVF bright blue skirt we saw on Hope not too long ago. I could also see this untucked with a skinny jean or pant on one of the other characters. Bottom line Taylor looks lovely! I believe the Real Deal is by Joie and sold out, but here are some similar versions:

Dayzee – Tie Dye Top (4.10.12)

Dayzee owns the bohemian chic look, actually I think she could own any look. But name another character that could wear a tie dye shirt and look amazing. Steffy would be a close second. I know Dayzee’s character is a super grounded, ultra cool without trying to be cool kind of gal, and her clothes represent that however…I wouldn’t be upset seeing her in some Zara and J Brand. Here’s her top if you want to copy her look:

Amber – Panel Tank Dress (4.9.12)

Amber continues to deceive Hope, and she’s also wearing a deceiving dress. This side panel contrast style dress was first designed by last year. We all said ‘omg’ when we saw stars wearing it on the red carpet thinking they became too skinny because that side paneling is a serious optical slimmer (thanks to getty images). Amber is wearing the same look in a black mini tank dress with grey side paneling. Here are a few similar versions:

Steffy – Tassel Necklace (4.10.12)

Steffy seems so drama free and pulled together in general these days, especially compared to Hope. This outfit is the same. Pinstripe blazer… nice, sheer white tank…same, but put them together with an over-sized tassel necklace and you have this totally pulled together look. This looks great with her fitted black pants, but she would also look great in those corral pants she wore a few weeks back. Either way, looks great. Oh I almost forgot to mention the peek of a solid black bra under the sheer white is very Steffy cool. Here is the necklace and a Real World inexpensive version:

Hope – Grey Dress (4.5.12)

Hope is looking very innocent as she thanks her therapist for her fix of her drugs. Little does she know that Dr. Barton is not her pusher. However she is wearing a pretty A line dress in solid grey, mixed with large statement necklace and pearls. Her dress is by J. Crew and sold out, but here are a couple of versions if you must have: