Brooke – Fuchsia Blouse (9.12.12)

Look: Brooke - Fuchsia Blouse (9.12.12)
This color is making the rounds on the Logan girls, and I’m not complaining. So this color is available it seems on the web only, but there is a very close color by same brand available in store (and on web) at Bloomingdales here. Also a similar and affordable version of the blouse listed below The Real Deal.

Steffy – Combat Boots (9.2.12)

Look: Steffy - Combat Boots (9.2.12)
I’ve had a lot of requests for these boots that Steffy is wearing, so I thought I’d better make a post. These lace up boots are more combat style (think Doc Martens) vs the classic ‘motorcycle’ boots you would normally see (square toe, buckles), but then again don’t we just love how Steffy goes against the norm anyhow? The boots she is wearing look like they may be from the JMW closet, but I’m not sure. These Tory Burch ones look pretty close to The Real Deal. Tory Burch? Let me tell you I would never have thought to look up ‘combat boots’ = ‘Tory Burch’, ever. But ‘me’ = ‘always right’, never. So here you go, plus a couple of similar versions including a fantastic Reader Find from our stylish reader Debbie. Thanks!

Steffy – Printed Pants (9.4.12)

Look: Steffy - Printed Pants (9.4.12)
Well Steffy didn’t exactly diffuse the situation with $Bill did she? That’s okay she’s wearing her rebellious outfit today. We first saw these pants worn by Steffy here back in January. They are from the Isabel Marant fall 2011 RTW collection, and sorry, no longer available. These aztec print leggings below were the closest I could find.

Steffy – Shoulder Detail Blazer (9.4.12)

Look: Steffy - Shoulder Detail Blazer (9.4.12)
I saw quite a few versions of this jacket either in the fall mags or in my sleep, I can’t remember which. In any case, what do you think of this type of shoulder detail? This puff shoulder has a kind of throwback whimsical edge to it, kind of like the ‘tude Steffy has right now. I think we are going to see some very classic throwback Steffy behavior soon. Here is a version of the jacket if you like it:

Katie – Fuchsia Long Sleeve Dress (9.4.12)

Look: Katie - Fuschia Long Sleeve Dress (9.4.12)
I love how Katie is throwing it all out there saying EXACTLY what she feels to $Bill, Steffy, Liam etc, etc, etc. And she’s throwing it all out their with her pregnancy wardrobe as well. It takes a brave soul to wear a dress like this, which pretty much describes Katie. Here is a similar dress if you would like the look yourself. I can’t quite tell if it’s The Real Deal, but pretty much the same idea.

Caroline – White Blouse & Mini Skirt (9.4.12)

Look: Caroline - White Wrap Blouse (9.4.12)

I can’t believe Caroline is going to get dusted. Maybe not? Maybe some Rick revenge?  She’s certainly wearing a ‘screw you I’m hot, yet classy’ outfit, not a ‘lurk in the shadows outfit’ like’s she’s doing. Ah she’s smart, she’s just gathering intel. Then look the f out Thomas. Anyhooo… Here’s the blouse and the mini.

Hope – Paisley & Chambray (9.4.12)

Look: Hope - Paisley & Chambray (9.4.12)
How does Hope pull off vandalism as adorablz? Well, I do declare, I like this current outfit mix better than before with this J Crew skirt we first saw back here in June. (Remember the neon sweater?). And we saw this classic chambray style shirt here at the end of May with that bright A line mini and the tie. Unfortunately the skirt is sold out. Sorry. If you are looking for a chambray shirt staple, here’s one below